Chembarathi 15 September 2021 Written Update: Nandana Criticises Akhila

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Nandana decides to exact revenge on Premnath. Anand consoles Kalyani when she gets upset about the whole situation. Later, Aniyankuttan meets Akhila and shares his worries with her.


In the next episode of Chembarathi, Nandana blames Akhila for Kalyani’s misery. She tells Akhila that Kalyani suffered a lot as she has no family member to enquire about her. Akhila is devastated on hearing Nandana’s words. She weeps her heart out. Later, Anand calls Subramaniam and tries to find out if he got Kalyani’s mobile. Kalyani tells Subramaniam that Premnath, the police officer must be prosecuted. Subramaniam and Anand decide to teach the police officer a lesson. Meanwhile, Akhila shares her sorrows with Sivaramakrishnan. Later, Sivaramakrishnan tries to pacify her. Furthermore, Nandana tells Anand about her wish to get pregnant. A doctor comes to Trichambarath to examine Anand’s eyes

Aravind summons Anand to Trichambarath. Kalyani is overjoyed when she learns about the news. Kalyani and Anand meet the doctor. The doctor advises Anand to use an eye drop 3 times everyday. Kalyani tells Anand to not lose hope when he gets discouraged over the whole issue. Aniyankuttan gets upset and weeps. Vilasini arrives at Trichmabarth and blocks the doctor’s way to find out if Anand will get his eyesight back. The doctor realizes her intentions and gives her a fitting reply. Meanwhile, Varma and Priyanka discuss Anand’s situation. Varma tells Priyanka about Anand’s willpower. Akhila tells Sivaramakrishnan that if the doctor’s verdict about Anand’s eyesight is negative then she might not be able to survive. She also adds that the puja that the eldest daughter-in-law must be performing will be done by Nandana. Sivaramakrishnan opposes her views. Nandana fights against this injustice.

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