Bigg Boss OTT fame Neha Bhasin and Prateek Sahajpal get trolled over casual pictures (Photo Credits – Instagram; Twitter)

Bigg Boss OTT is experiencing a different kind of Splitsvilla in itself. The makers have broken the connection but the couple does not want to get rid of each other. Everyone is well aware of the love story of Shamita Shetty and Rakeysh Bapat. But no one understands the closeness between Neha Bhasin and Prateek Sahajpal.

Prateik and Neha made headlines when they dropped their respective connections to get together. Ever since the audience has seen them clinging to each other almost all the time. They stand for each other and always support each other. But is it just friendship?

In yesterday’s episode, Neha Bhasin was seen confessing that had she not been married, she would have dated Prateek Sahajpal. She also got upset when Prateek Sahajpal was trying to avoid answering the same question asked by Bigg Boss OTT co-contestant Nishant Bhatt.

In the midst of all this, some lovely pictures of Neha Bhasin and Prateek Sahajpal are going viral. Several pictures can be seen where the singer is sitting on her co-contestant’s lap. In another glimpse, Prateek, who is sitting on the sofa, can be seen holding Neha by the waist.

Check out the viral pictures of Bigg Boss OTT house below:

Last week as the season progresses, their bond is getting closer #bigbossott House!

Can you caption the picture?#bigboss_tak

— #BiggBoss_Tak👁️ (@BiggBoss_Tak) September 13, 2021

Viewers trolled both of them by going to the comment section.

One user wrote, ‘Yeh bond is getting horny… I don’t feel ashamed… H Tb b stick paaye gaya ke ghar wale ke ke ghar ke ghar ke gane hai.. all #Divya’.”

Another wrote, “How many people like them?.. I mean this is not cool but it’s vulgar.. ppl have been close to bb house before and have been comfortable as well, but that’s another The level is .. n if it is “ot” than VR not liking it.”

“Inko koi roko host ko sayaad kuch dekha nahi dekh… Main never v such friends dekh….These all are not modernized from anywhere…and this is absolutely no example for feminism..” commented one user Of.

A user asked, ‘How and why are people liking him?

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