Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with everyone asking Priya if she loves Neeraj. Priya says I don’t love anyone. 25 minutes ago, Ram hears Priya talking to a boy. Mama bowed to Mami. She says that Nandini formed a relationship with the beggars. He says if you are not happy then pretend to be happy. Sandy takes Priya to a room. Sara asks what is happening. Sandy says do some makeup to Priya, everyone is calling her staff member. Priya says fine, mother is happy. Sara says she is going crazy with happiness, I have never seen her so happy before. Priya says I want to tell Ram about Mahendra. Sara asks why. Sandy hears Mami talking to a guest. Nandini asks Sandy what she is doing. Sandy says this is typical aunty ki amusing talk, I feel like I am watching some TV serial. Nandini asks what are they talking about. Sandy tells him about the mummy. Nandini says you are very intelligent. She introduces Sandy to Ram’s mummy. Sandy leaves.

Neeraj says Priya doesn’t love Ram, there are couples who want to get married, Priya didn’t want to get married. Nandini says you did not say that you are trying for a baby. Mami says no. Neeraj says Priya was not ready for marriage earlier, she got ready now, I think I am the reason for her bitterness. Ram likes to eat. He hugs Adi. Adi asks her to hug her fiance, where is she. Ram says I don’t know. Brinda says she has gone to do makeup.

Vikrant introduces Richa to his friends. Ram says you know Twinkle is also here. Vikrant says yes, so Richa should be here. Brinda says he is rude, he found a girl to make his ex jealous. Ram sees Vedika and goes to her. Vedika leaves. Priya asks what did you do. Sara says it is good, your face is shining now, no love story is perfect, you have to find your happiness. Priya wipes lipstick. Sara says I will get matte lipstick, wait. Priya thinks of Ram. Vedika comes there. Priya says my work is done, I was leaving. Vedika says your lipstick got spoiled. Priya says I don’t understand this. Vedika says I think I have only one shadow. Priya says I hate it. Vedika says I like it. Priya says I am Priya Sood, I am being stopped. Vedika says I saw you in club, when Ram was engaged with his friend, you are Ram’s fiance, I can do this for you. She helps Priya.

Thanks Priya. She asks you and Ram. Vedika says friends. Priya says ok. Neeraj says I am his brother-in-law, but I am still his…. Friendship goes. Sandy listens to women’s gossip. Nandini says you said right about Mami, what else did you hear. Sandy says tell me what you want to know. Mami asks what happened. Nandini doesn’t say anything. Mami says we will start roka. Ram and Priya come on stage. She asks what. He asks what. Bade achhe… plays up… Priya asks why is he looking at me like this. Sara says he is checking you. Neeraj says they both are bored. Everyone smiles. Maitri says I am bored. Neeraj asks are you bored with me. She says it is not about you, Priya is not thinking about you. He says she is still jealous of you, look at them, there is no chemistry. Ram thinks that even if I say she looks good, she will feel bad. Priya thinks don’t say anything. Neeraj says Priya still loves me, I am her first and last love. Mami asks does Priya love you. Everyone gets shocked.

Ram asks do you love anything. Priya says no, this is all rubbish, I don’t love anyone. Nandini goes to Meera. She says you should have told me. Neeraj says Priya always loved me, it’s a different matter that she doesn’t want to talk about me. Priya says I did, you are my past, no one wastes time on past. Brinda asks Adi if you know this. Adi says no, what is happening. Mama says Neeraj was Priya’s BF. Friendship says no. Mami says it means Priya’s sister got married to her BF, how did Meera get her married, wow, there is a lot of drama in this family. Maitri says Priya and Neeraj got separated, I loved her a lot… Neeraj says you always loved me. Meera says I can understand how you are feeling, Priya and Neeraj had relation but he is Maitri’s husband now, Priya has no relation with him. Priya says I don’t love anyone, it’s all rubbish. Ram says you are saying love is bad, your choice is bad, love is not bad, good thing, your choice and taste has become better, fine etc. Adi says yes. Ram says everyone makes mistakes, it is right to rectify the mistakes and move on. Brinda says yes, Priya’s choice is good now. Ram says cheers. Nandini says you should have told us about this earlier, this is not a drama. Priya’s maternal uncle says it was not our intention to hide it from you, it is an old thing. Priya’s mummy says their drama ruined your engagement. Akki says don’t say this, I am getting married because of Priya. Shubham asks if there is anything else, now tell us only. Mama says we will keep roka now.

Priya says I have to tell them about Mahendra. Sara says not now. Ram asks Priya to drink alcohol. Roka rituals take place. Akki and Shivi smile. Akki looks at Priya and smiles. Ram thinks that Priya is doing this for a family like me. Priya says I don’t love him, I used to like him, but not now, I will not love anyone. Ram thinks she is feeling strange. He says that when the heart breaks, it feels very bad. She says no, it feels bad when trust is broken. He says my heart is broken, can’t believe it, I still love him.

Priya asks what does she think about your marriage. Ram jokes. Priya says I am not doing this marriage about real. They exchange rings.

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Post Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Priya’s past first surfaced on telly updates.


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