Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with the ghost walking on the roof of the mansion and laughing. Mirza gets scared hearing the voices of the ghosts, goes to the kitchen and seeing the pots falling all around, it seems that the fake ghost is troubling them. Mirza asks Sakina to clean the mess. Sakina acts and says that she is missing her mother, so she will go to meet her tomorrow. Mirza tells her not to go to her mother’s house and sleep peacefully. Shanti and Mishra also see utensils around their kitchen and Shanti says that she will go to her mother’s house if she does not clean the mess. Mishra and Mirza set out in search of the ghost and fall asleep on the lawn. The next morning, Sakina and Shanti wake them up and threaten that they will return to their mother’s house if they do not eliminate this ghost’s problem. Mirza says that Bittu Pappu has created a problem, so he will wipe them out and stop the menace of this ghost. Sakina and Shanti say why use Shakti when they can handle it peacefully.

Bittu and Pappu discuss about going to London and America to meet and marry English girls. They come to the imagination. Sakina and Shanti call them and lie that they have settled their alliance with English girls, but they might not like English girls. Bittu and Pappu get agitated and say that they are fine with the English alliance and ask them to introduce them to the girls now. Shanti and Sakina say that they want to, but the girls might get scared because of the ghost in their mansion. Bittu Pappu promises to drive away the ghost and will come right now. Sakina and Shanti indicate that their plan is working. Bittu and Pappu dance with pictures of English girls and imagine dancing with real girls.

Mirza and Mishra discuss Pappu and Bittu is not picking up the call. Bittu and Pappu pick up the phone and says they went to Kalpana and are reaching the haveli in a minute. They reach the mansion and excitedly ask Sakina and calmly introduce them to the English girls. Shanti and Sakina say that they should drive away the ghost first. They both bluff as usual and walk to the terrace where Noor Jahan and Brij are already present with the kids. Noor Jahan asks them to find the ghost soon. Bittu jokes that they are not Dhritarashtra’s associate Sanjay to dream about the ghost’s location. Noor Jahan scolds them. The door closes. Mirza and Mishra family get scared. Bittu and Pappu jokingly try to open the door as usual and get electrocuted. Mirza and Mishra trash them to remind them to send fake ghosts and talk to an old lady in the morning. Bittu says that a beggar lady was begging for 10 rupees, but they did not give her money. Brij is scared to ask if there is a real ghost in the haveli. They all hear the ghost laughing.

Precap: No precap.

Co: H Hassan

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