Anupama 15 September 2021 written episode, written update on Digihunt

Anuj/AK while having breakfast at Shah’s house says that life often surprises them. GK says like today’s halwa is more delicious than other days and gifts Anu to give her. Pakhi asks excitedly if its tamarind candy like before. AK says no to candy and tells Anu that when he went to her dance academy yesterday, he remembered his mother, so he packed his mother’s stuff for him and hoped he would like it. Kavya tells V that she must have brought her mother’s bangles. Bapuji asks to accept the gift. Pakhi excitedly says that she wants to see it. Anu gets emotional seeing this. Kavya excitedly asks what it is, V says will she show it to others or will she watch it alone and they both see Ghungroo. AK says that his mother was a trained Kathak dancer and had bought these ghungroos for herself, but life could not give her a chance to wear them. GK says Anuj was hesitant to give gift to Anu. AK says, then he realized that perhaps not every leg has a ghungroo in his luck, every ghungroo should have a leg in his luck. Mamaji appreciates his idea. Anu happily thanks her and says it is very beautiful. AK says he is glad he liked it. Anu happily shows the family. Baa, Vanraj and Toshu Dhuan. Vanraj remembers throwing Anu’s Ghungroo first. Anu says she thought it is a gift, but it is a blessing and asks Baa how is it. Baa with a bewildered face thinks that her son has work with AK and hence she is silent or else she would have sent AK and GK away. GK asks Anu to dance wearing them. Samar says that he will make sure that he does so.

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