Anil Kapoor Khan adds his swag in episode 2 of Star VS Food 2 (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Discovery+’s Star Vs Foods is fast becoming one of the best performing channels. Not just celebrities cooking (many firsts), the show is also a place where we get to catch some hot B-town gossip for free. The demand for the same has become so intense that the makers had to come up with the second season which first aired last week. The second episode is about Anil Kapoor and his swag.

The second episode of Star Vs Food is airing today (September 15). And it is not just any other episode but the u jest veteran superstar of Bollywood has taken over the kitchen with his standard USP pancakes. But soon in Silly only to be intimidated by Chef Ganesh who manages to challenge him every step of the way. But then the man standing in front of him is Anil who has faced great challenges, so the actor picks them up and we are ready for a fun episode.

Second episode ft. Anil Kapoor turned into a fun watch with the actor battling the gas stove and ended it with his perfect selfie. Read on to know all the highlights of the episode below.

Anil Kapoor brings his Jhakas Bhaigiri

You can take Anil Kapoor out of Chembur, but not Chembur from him. The actor manages to bring every part of Mumbai inside him whenever he has his true form on camera. The actor enters the episode with vibrancy and remains in it till the very last moment.

Anil Kapoor battling gas stove

This is without a doubt, Anil’s first kitchen drive and the fact that he takes three attempts to light the gas stove proves it all. Plus, wait, he fails to light it up on all three occasions. Chef Ganesh covers and works for him.

Anil Kapoor charged extra charge for being a jerk

Now we all know that Jhakas is synonymous with Anil and there are no two ways about it. The actor said it in the first war and it became his kind of identity. But Anil on the show who expresses that he was surprised to see the craze around it over the years, says that he charges extra to say it wherever he is called. Well, if it was true or just sarcasm, only the actor can tell, but he certainly deserves that privilege.

Farah Khan reveals the eating habits of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

Here comes the interesting part. Now that Anil Kapoor has created the perfect brunch, he has invited friends over. Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Maheep Kapoor make their way to Silly and we are in for some heated gossip. During this, Farah talks about the food and drink of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. She said, “Salman is the only star I know, he sab kuch khata hai (he eats everything). I have worked with Shah Rukh Khan for the longest time and he just apna tandoori chicken khata hai (he only eats everything). eats his tandoori chicken).

He said, “Neither he (SRK) eats rice, nor roti, bread toh main dekha hi nahi (he neither eats rice, nor chapati and I have not seen him eat roti). But Salman, despite being physique, I have seen him like chawal (rice), biryani, chole (chickpea dish)… sab khata hai (he eats everything).”

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