Andrew Garfield declined his and Tobey Maguire’s involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home (Photo Credits: Movie Still)

Ever since the release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, fans have been speculating that more villains will appear after teasing the Green Goblin and Doc Ok. Now, videos/photos of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire from the sets of No Way Home are being widely circulated. Although during an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Garfield rubbished the rumors and said they were ‘Photoshopped’.

The much-awaited trailer of Tom Holland starrer was released last month and fans have finally got to see JK Simmons’ J.K. Peter’s identity is exposed by Jonah Jameson. Later in the trailer, Peter enlists Doctor Strange’s help so that everyone forgets their superhero identity, although in doing so, Strange opens a portal to the multiverse.

During the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Andrew Garfield did not mention anything about Spider-Man: Now Way Home, he also declined Tobey Maguire’s involvement in the film. Later, Fallon congratulates him for a cameo in the superhero film, and Garfield replies, “Wait, what?! … I didn’t know… what are you talking about?”

However, Jimmy pushes hard and asks if he has seen her viral pictures from the sets of the Tom Holland film. Andrew hesitated but admitted he knew about them and said, “I heard about it. And I saw it. And it’s Photoshop,” and added, “Look if they tell me this late, late of the game.” Want to call Charan, you know, I’m sitting here in my tracksuit.”

At this point of time, the audience will not be satisfied with anyone’s answer as Marvel and Sony have created a lot of hype regarding the casting of the film.

Further in the interview, Andrew Garfield admitted watching the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, adding, “I think Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so I’m super stoked. And I’m in one again.” become a fan, which is my favorite position, to be able to sit in the audience and just go like, ‘Yeah, you screwed up, dude! You didn’t do it as well as you could,’ like!’ I have to be that guy… that’s a lot more fun.”

Spider-Man No Way Home is knocking on the big screen on 17th December this year. Our hopes are now tied to the date.

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