I am living as Mirabai, not Lavina, says actress (Photo Credits: Instagram/lavinatandon05)

The running track of ‘Vighnaharta Ganesh’ highlights the past and present life of ‘Mirabai’, wherein her life, she is a devoted devotee of Lord Krishna and worships him religiously. Actress Laveena Tandon essays the lead role of Mirabai. She talks about portraying this character on screen and preparing herself for the role.

When asked how the actress brings emotions into her character, she replies: “I believe in the ultimate supremacy of God, and I am a person full of faith. Hence, it becomes easy for me to get into the spirit of the character as playing the role of Meerabai who is a devotee of Lord Krishna is a blessing. To accentuate this character, I am seen in a yellow saree with floral ornaments on it.”

“Also adding to the essence of the look, I also own an instrument called ‘Ektara’ which Mirabai used to play. I believe that along with delivering the dialogues, the looks also play an important role as they are an instrumental instrument. help bring out the best portrayal of the character. The feel of the set and the character of Param Krishna make me feel so real that when I am rehearsing on the sets, I automatically fall into the ‘Mirabai’ zone Laveena Tandon said.

Laveena Tandon further shares about her shooting experience and says that everyone is working as a team in the show from makeup to hair department, from creative to costume to assistant director.

She says: “He helped me prepare ‘Doha’ and get into my role. He explained to me some dialogues which are in pure Hindi and Sanskrit. The captain of our ship, our director, JP Sir, has been a huge help.”

Talking about the preparatory work she has done for the role, she says: “When I came to know that I was playing the character of ‘Mirabai’, I started researching Mirabai and found Lord Krishna and Radha. My creators have been very helpful and have already provided me with couplets and hymns so that I can get enough time to practice them.”

“The icing on the cake is that there is some connection I feel when sitting in front of an idol of Lord Krishna. When I have to look into their eyes and say a particular dialogue, it comes naturally. I ask my production team to hand over that idol of Lord Krishna. Ever since I am shooting, I don’t feel that I am living as Lavina, but as ‘Mirabai’,” she concludes.

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