Aapko Nazar Ne Samjhauta September 15, 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Rajvi apologizing to Nandini and hugging her. Nandini says fine. She faints. Daresh caught him. Nandini says I have stomach ache, maybe because of accident I will be fine after taking medicine. He says that we should go to the doctor and get the test done. She says I am fine. Vini comes and scolds Darsh. Rajvi asks did you see who was driving the car that hit you. Charmi and humility come. Nandini says Charmi first saw me when I came home, did I take anyone’s name. Charmi says no, I brought you in the room, I don’t know who locked you. She looks at humility. Rajvi says shame Namrata, you would have done this. She says we will keep factory keys in pooja, I don’t want Namrata to stay here, Namrata is here at the behest of Dada ji, so behave meekly. Vipul asks Nandini to get well, they will get her worshipped. Namrata gets angry and leaves. Charmi says what can I do when family is angry on you. Namrata holds his face and scolds him. Charmi pushes her and says I am not your enemy, Nandini is your enemy, don’t take out your anger on me, I didn’t think she will defeat you. Namrata says I did not lose, I will not lose her.

Parul asks Nandini to take care of herself and give her a good news, start a family with Darsh. Nandini says I am fine. Parul says I will feed you, I consider myself lucky to adopt a girl like Vini. Vinnie hears this. Parul says you gave her your values, thanks a lot. Nandini asks Vini to listen. Winnie leaves. They run after Winnie. Nandini says Parul said she wants a daughter like Vini, I told her that you adopt, we will live in same house, Parul loves you very much. Winnie says you mean I am toy for you, get away. She cries and scolds Nandini.

Nandini says I love you very much. Vini asks why are you giving me to Parul, I will not stay with anyone other than you, leave me on the road. Nandini says don’t say like that, we will talk calmly, I will explain to you. Vini says everyone leaves me, you are also leaving me. She falls in the pool. Nandini jumps into the pool and brings him out. Darshan comes and helps them. Nandini asks Vini to open her eyes.

Darshan says he is fine, what is the matter. Nandini asks why did you step back. Vini says I am angry on you. They hug. Parul cries. Darshan tells Vini to come and change clothes, else he will catch cold. Parul asks are you fine Nandini. Nandini says yes sorry I am her mother, I cannot see her heart break like this, I cannot give you Vini. Parul cries and hugs her. Namrata and Charmi meet some goons. Namrata says come as a worker to the puja, do something on Nandini’s face that she gets scared seeing her face. The goon says leave it to us. Nandini gets ready. Daresh helps him. She says we will go for pooja. Darshan asks if Vini is your decision about the final. She says yes, she cannot live without me, are you upset. He says no, I am with you in your every decision. He starts having stomach ache again. He asks her to sit, don’t ignore the stomach ache.

She says I m fine, we will go for pooja. The goons plan to kidnap Nandini. The goon shows explosives in the coconut. Vini says I want Nandini, no one else. Nandini says promise. Rajvi says Parul is upset, she wanted to adopt Vini, maybe she reacted like this suddenly knowing this. Darshan says I agree, it is not Nandini’s fault, she refuses Parul. Rajvi says I will talk to Parul, we have other options, I asked Namrata not to come here. Darsh says ok. The goons come. Rajvi says Nandini will do the pooja. Namrata shows Nandini to the goons. She gets shocked seeing the police coming. Rajeev says I called commissioner. Goon Raghu says work has to be done, if we have come then the commissioner will also go with Nandini. Namrata asks how the commissioner came, in front of him the goons can’t kidnap Nandini.

The goons push Pandit and change the coconut. Pandit asks Nandini to break the coconut.

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Post Aapke Nazarne Ne Samjha 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Denies Adoption First Appeared on Telly Updates.


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