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The episode begins with Seerat holding Kairav. Kartik asks Kairav ​​are you fine. Kairav ​​says yes, Seerat saved me. Suvarna says Gayu, we will go and have breakfast. Thanks Karthik, Seerat. She says Kairav ​​is also my son. He says I thank you came in our life and ended our loneliness, my kids will be happy now, they will be safe, family was with them but I used to be tense in office, now I am relieved. Yes, they had all the relationships, but not the mother. She says that now she has a mother. Suvarna says this is the last cupcake. Kartik and Kairav ​​says I want that. Kartik asks to take her. Kairav ​​says I will not take anyone’s favour. Golden jokes. Kartik asks how will we win this. Vansh and Gayu tell them about the game of first taking the cupcake and winning it. Kartik and Kairav ​​take the cupcake and argue for it.

Vansh says Seerat will decide, she is the referee. Seerat says winner is Kairav. Kairav ​​says this is my cupcake. Kartik says it is partisan. She asks what. He says good decision. She examines the meaning of favoritism. Kartik says taking someone’s side. She says then fine, I will take the side of kids, I got all this because of Kairav. He says you love him, not me. She says I love you but love her more. He says I get more love on you after hearing this. Kairav ​​says I love you both. Kartik says everything will be available now. He hugs them. The candles go out.

Its morning, Akhilesh asks why are you making sweets in the morning. Suvarna says you will not get breakfast before Bhog, today is Ganesh Chaturthi. come baby. Kairav ​​hugs Seerat. Surekha asks Dadi about the Muhurta. Dadi says pandit will call us and tell us, everything will be according to muhurta. Seerat asks can I make Ganesh idol at home this time. Suvarna asks do you know how to make it. Seerat says yes, Maudi did not have money to buy it, we used to make it every year, can I make Ganpati myself. Dadi says yes it is good. Dadi gets a message from Pandit.

She tells the time. She asks can you make it soon. Seerat says yes. Kairav ​​says we will not go to school today. Vansh says we have to welcome Ganpati. Gayu says don’t miss class. They ask Seerat to say. Manish says let them enjoy, Kartik. Kartik says ok, but only one day. Seerat says no, you don’t need to miss entire classes, you can come home to do puja, your exams are coming, it is a matter of an hour, if you are sick or when you do some urgent work. You should take leave. Kartik says don’t look at me, Seerat is right. Seerat asks them to leave with a smile, they will have a lot of fun. Suvarna says you will get chocolate modak too. Children go. Manish says if they miss even a day in school then its fine. He goes. Kartik signs Seerat.

Seerat asks did you feel bad. Kartik says no, children are also yours. She says I couldn’t complete my studies and regret a lot, I don’t want them to regret later. He says thank you for saving me from guilt, your name will be Inspector Seerat. She says ok, go now. He kisses her and leaves. It’s all about love….plays…Sirat makes an idol. She says what did I do, why did I make child form of Ganesha while making big idol, Ganesh must have wanted to come here in this avatar. She gives color to the idol. She makes the idol and thanks him. She says just always support us, now everything will be auspicious. She says what is this smoke here. He sees a child in the basket. She says this kid is not Akshu or Vatsal, who is it. She asks the child to come. She hugs the child. Kairav ​​asks why are you calling me baby. She opens her eyes and sees Kairav.

He says you are loving me as I went to school. She says I love you always, how did you come early. Vansh says there was problem in power line, so they have sent us home. Seerat says they should have informed us. Kartik asks how did they come home. She says she had half a day. Kartik says good. She says it is wrong to send children without informing. He says I will call the teacher. Children worry. Vansh says driver was there so we said we will go. Kairav ​​says we thought of helping teacher. Dadi says Ganesh ji brought them home. She asks the kids to go and get fresh. Seerat looks at Kairav. She asks are you hiding anything from us. Kairav ​​doesn’t say anything.

She thinks of calling the teacher tomorrow. Dadi asks how did you make Bal Ganesh. Seerat says don’t know, it is made on its own. Dadi says maybe he wants to come home in this avatar, idol is beautiful, cover it and go to make Rangoli. Kairav ​​says if anyone comes to know then they will scold us. Vansh says make sure no one knows this. Suvarna comes and says you will be scolded. they worry.

Kartik asks why are you worried. Seerat says school teacher should have called us. Kartik says I will call teacher, Kairav ​​and Vansh don’t lie. She says yes. Suvarna says we have counted the modaks, if any modak is found less, then we will know who ate it, you can come ready. She goes.

Surekha says don’t know whether Seerat will make Rangoli or not. Dadi says she has made a lovely idol, she can make rangoli too, my ears can stop filling against her. They see beautiful Rangoli. Surekha says you told Gayu that you don’t know how to make it. Seerat says God blessed me. Kartik says God sent his assistant to help Seerat, okay Seerat. Seerat remembers making Rangoli. She says I can’t make it. Surekha leaves after hearing this. Kartik comes to her aid. Bondage is made like this….plays…. Kartik and Seerat make Rangoli. He hugs her. FB finished. they smile.

Kartik and Seerat dance to Ganesha song… Seerat answers the call of Kairav’s teacher. Kairav ​​says this will not happen again. Seerat says I don’t want to talk to both of you. Suvarna says forgive them. Surekha says that Kairav ​​is not her own child.

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