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The episode begins with Raja’s sister Udabai praising her in front of her ministers for convincing all the other kings to create a peaceful atmosphere, while Meera also listens. Udaybai says that it is a good sign for people from all walks of life to be safe in their life, if given such an opportunity, then everyone should do this kind of work in their life.

Meera prays to Prabhu to give her strength to fulfill her duties towards the family, while all the kings come to attend the meeting to which he had invited them and they all praise her for the invitation. We do.

The maid brings her written pages which Meera comes to know that she has written it so the maid asks her to explain all these written phrases and Meera starts explaining it to her in the form of a form or prayer while all the other maids also She is attracted to hear his prayer but the other maid Udaybai, who was also feeling attracted, suddenly realizes that she is losing herself so leaves to inform Udaybai but in the process sees the meeting. unable because of

The maid informs her that some Brahmin devotees have come to her nearby ashram, while she hears his voice and sings her lord’s prayer, so immediately goes to see them but the king stops feeling confused. Let’s not be drawn to this hearing about the prayers of and watch it proceed. Towards the door thinks what she will do now but Meera stops at the door and realizes about her promise to Raja that she did not behave strangely to hurt the pride of the family and returns.

The maid gives her a musical instrument, which she greatly admires, saying that it has been given by her guru for her devotion to the Lord and again listens to the Brahmin’s prayer, but this time she immediately returns the instrument and the devotional chain. She goes to him holding him, while it is also seen by the king. as Udaybai. Meera walks out of the palace and prays with all of them dancing and singing, while Udaybai comes out of the meeting with an excuse and shouts at her maid for not informing her on time but she tells him not to be disturbed in their meeting. Gives reason.

Udaybai and Raja leave to take care of Meera, while Meera loses sight of herself, Prabhu comes listening to her prayers so dances around her and finally bows down at her feet, but Udaybai stops her. and Meera finds no one in front of her while Udaybai keeps abusing her. For hurting the pride of the family by such shoddy behaviour. They all return inside the palace while Meera slowly follows them and Udaybai is again abusing and asking him why he did all this stupidity when he has always been informed not to hurt the pride of this family. done and she also asks Raja who has been keeping quiet why he is not questioning her due to which she gets the power to do all this because of her support.

Ganeshji says that King Bhojraj knew the truth so he was hesitant to question him but Meera was facing all such trouble in her devotion to the Lord.

Raja asks her why she broke the promise which she had given to her Girdhar, but Meera says that she has not broken her promise nor misbehaved towards the pride of the family and Raja asks her if there is any other dance. was what she saw but Meera says she danced it is true but for her Girdhar while Udaybai is shocked.

Precap: Meera tells the king the way to show true devotion to the Lord while the Lord appears before them and the king is surprised that the Lord bows down to seek his blessings and Meera also prays and prays for her Lord. Praises her utmost devotion.

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Post Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update – Meera joins the brahmin in dancing and singing prayers for her lord. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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