Sameera Reddy shared this photo. (Image courtesy: reddysameera)


  • Sameera Reddy shared two pictures of herself on Tuesday
  • In the pictures, he can be seen sporting partially white hair.
  • “Totally perfect,” she wrote in the caption

New Delhi:

Sameera Reddy, who has been promoting body positivity for the past two-three years, chatted about her gray hair with her father. Her father, “worried about people judging her,” asked the actress why she “isn’t covering her white hair”, to which Sameera Reddy said that she is no longer “crazy” about her looks. And now she takes her “sweet”. The time and the color he feels chooses.” The actress posted two photos of herself on Tuesday and shared what her father told her about “self-love” and “acceptance”. She can be seen sporting white hair, sharing which she wrote: “My dad asked me why I’m not covering my white hair. He was worried about people judging me. I replied ‘So what if they did… Did that mean I’m old? Isn’t it beautiful? Not ready? not attractive?’ I told him I’m not as crazy about it like I used to be and that freedom is liberation.”

She continued: “I used to color every 2 weeks so that no one could catch that line of white. Today I take my sweet time and choose colors whenever I feel like. She asked me why The conversation should change. Why did I say no? I know I’m not alone. Change and acceptance only begin when old thought processes break down. When we can just let each other be. When confidence comes naturally Can find his way and hide behind no mask or veil. My dad understood. As I understood his concern as a father. Every day we learn that we move on and we go through little shifts. I find peace in me. And it’s those small steps that take us to great places. #Imperfect but perfect.”

We hear you, Sameera Reddy, loud and clear.

Check out the actress’ post here:

Sameera Reddy married businessman Akshay Varde in 2014 in a traditional Maharashtrian wedding and the couple welcomed sons Hans Varde in 2015 and Nyra in 2019.

On the work front, Sameera Reddy was last seen in the 2013 Kannada film Vardhanayak.


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