Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Professor Kumar fell down. Concerned Gehna sprinkles water on her face and calls the family. Relatives approached him and asked how he fainted. Gehna says he was talking to her and fainted. Sapan checks on the professor and says that it looks like he has hypoglycemia. Jewel asks what is it. They say that whenever a person’s sugar level drops, he becomes unconscious; They need to do more tests, they give him injection and the professor will wake up in some time, they need to take care of him. The professor wakes up and says he has hypoglycemia and often faints. Bapuji asks her to stay tonight. Paresh and Ba made her back. he agrees. Baa asks her to rest till she gets something to eat. Hema thinks that this house has become a guest house, first Radhika and Krishna and now Professor, her brother is hiding from the police.

Sagar gives a bag to Radhika and Kanak and asks them to keep it in Desai’s house as the order of his fourth companion. Kanak says it has lock and what is in it. They say that it is of no use to them. Radhika says they will not keep it without knowing what is in it. Kanak says he should keep the bag himself. Sagar threatens them to do their job or he will leak their video with them. Radhika tried to snatch his mobile. He stops her and says that he has made many copies of this video. Radhika asks Kanak to get the bag. Sagar gives them money and tells them to buy something if they want. Kanak thinks how he got so much money, surely he is planning something big.

Gehna saw Bapuji upset and asked him the reason. He panics and says that he is tensed by the incident at the pandal. Gehna says a father’s stress cannot be hidden from a daughter and insists on telling what happened. He tells that Sagar kidnapped him when he was on his way to the bank, he was accompanied by an unknown person who warned and spared him. She asks what did he warn. He says that Anant has a job, then thinks that he should hide it as Anant has hidden it from the family, and says that Anant will be upset if he hears that as he does not already have a job. Gehna walks towards the living room remembering Bapuji’s words and wonders who will be the other person with Sagar. She clashes with the professor and her medicine bottle falls and breaks. Professor says ok because he has another bottle because this medicine is very important for him. He acts as feeling vulnerable again. She asks him to take rest and goes to buy the medicine bottle from the pharmacy showing the broken bottle. She sees it a vitamin tonic and wonders why the professor lied, what is happening. She then sees Radhika and Kanak walking suspiciously in the market and follows them. They both think that Sagar’s fourth partner will be very dangerous and they have to find out who he is. Kanak sees someone is following her and runs home. The jewel hides.

They reach home, and Radha keeps the bag in the wardrobe of the store room. Jewel follows him and wonders what is in the bag and shouts to be careful when Radhika slips. Radhika did not notice anyone around. Kanak goes to Radhik and takes her away. Jewel hides and sees the store room door closed. She runs to the store room to see what’s in the bag when she sees the professor picking up the bag and opening it.

Precap: Professor told that Anant is working on a secret government mission and his life is in danger, enemies have hired Sagar who is working for a dangerous terrorist living in this house. Jewel asks who is this.
He says Krishna. Anant sees Krishna meeting Sagar.

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