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  • “Ranveer Singh doesn’t need Met Gala, Met Gala needs him,” read a tweet
  • One user wrote, “They call it the Met Gala. Ranveer calls it Tuesday afternoon.”
  • “Ranveer Singh serving the red carpet on fire,” read a tweet

New Delhi:

Every day is the Met Gala for Ranveer Singh. The actor’s flamboyant style is well known and after this year’s Met Gala, which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Monday night (Tuesday morning in India), Twitter expressed its desire to witness the biggest fashion event Of. Painted in the colors of Ranveer Singh. From Kim Kardashian to Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez, celebrities from all over the world stunned the red carpet at the Met Gala this year. While each of them put their most fashionable foot forward on the fashion big night, some of the stars’ looks, including Kim Kardashian’s top-to-toe black outfit, inspired a meme fest on Twitter. Several users tweeted that for many it may be the Met Gala but for Ranveer Singh it is just “Tuesday afternoon”.

Another wrote: “Ranveer Singh would have killed it at the Met Gala and showed everyone exactly how it’s done, because you are all basic.” we agree.

Ranveer Singh would have killed it at the Met Gala and showed everyone how you are tired of being basic at all

— s (@sxhar88) September 14, 2021

One tweet read and another left us divided: “Who said Ranveer Singh needs a Met Gala?” This is the Met Gala who needs her!”

Who Said “Ranveer Singh” Needs Met Gala? This is the Met Gala who needs her!” pic.twitter.com/7KGBjvdlzf

— mawa_jalebi (@HighnPositive) September 14, 2021

You all Ranveer Singh must have served the red carpet on fire
I know you won’t be disappointed with her fashion looks #metgalapic.twitter.com/sbB4d7TjdK

— Anne| Met Gala Day (@AnneIndiaKi) September 13, 2021

A Twitter user wrote: “Once Ranveer Singh starts participating in the #MetGala, it’s all over for everyone, mark my words.”

Once Ranveer Singh Starts Participating #metgala, It’s over for everyone, mark my words.

— Bhuwantastic (@Bhuwantastic) September 14, 2021

Like this user, we also think that “every day is the Met Gala for Ranveer Singh”.

Every day is the Met Gala for Ranveer Singh.

— Ashwin John George (@iamashwinjohn) September 14, 2021

Also, check out other tweets that prove Ranveer Singh and the Met Gala are made for each other:

tbh if they invite Ranveer Singh to the Met Gala he’ll outshine everyone! that guy sure knows how to carry himself

— manny (@fckoffhypocrite) September 14, 2021

The Met Gala look is an open invitation for Ranveer Singh to discover more clothes. #metgala

—vrinda (@Vrundaaa1) September 14, 2021

These tweets will surely surprise you:

Ranveer Singh watching #metgala Competition pic.twitter.com/YcpxejKE3A

— riya ag (@riag03) September 14, 2021

Ranveer Singh watching #metgala Competition pic.twitter.com/SPFK2kFdsN

— Bollywood Memers (@BollywoodMemers) September 14, 2021

People #metgala wearing all kinds of unexpected outfits

Meanwhile Ranveer Singh: pic.twitter.com/DrMVQna7k8

— Pankaj Gautam (@Tea_holicc) September 14, 2021

Ranveer Singh is obsessing over all those weird dresses #metgalapic.twitter.com/IKxWw2FqCh

— Shivansh (@shivanshfcbm) September 14, 2021

If you are unfamiliar with Ranveer Singh’s fashion sense, check out these posts from the actor here:

Do you also want to see Ranveer Singh at the Met Gala next year? Tell us in the comments section.


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