In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Sharmila approaches Samyuktha and Abhimanyu when Samyuktha gives her ‘Thali’ to Abhimanyu. Moreover, she challenges Samyuktha and later, asks Abhimanyu to leave Samyuktha.

In the next episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Sharmila and Saudamini plot against Samyuktha. Sharmila comes up with the idea to feed Samyuktha and then feed Anamika a whole lot of food to check if they are the same person. She tells Saudamini that she does not need to be a part of the plan as she might make this plan a flop. Saudamini gets upset. Later, Sharmila invites Anamika for lunch and asks her to eat to her fill. Anamika finds something fishy in Sharmila’s behaviour. She questions Sharmila. Sharmila tells Anamika that she has to be eating eggs and rice and everything so that there is no place left in her stomach. Anamika is unable to eat the food displayed on the table but she manages to stuff herself.

Saudamini makes Anamika eat fruits after lunch and asks her to go rest. Later, Sharmila rushes to the kitchen and tells Saptathi to call Samyuktha to have lunch. Saptathi gets suspicious but decides to call Samyuktha for lunch. Meanwhile, Sharmila acts lovingly towards Parvathy and tells her that Samyuktha has to eat some nice home-cooked food. Saptathi tells Samyuktha that Sharmila sent her to make sure Samyuktha comes to eat the food. Samyuktha tells Saptathi that she has a headache and that she will eat later. Sharmila approaches Abhimanyu and tells him to call Samyuktha to have food and have food together. Abhimanyu goes to invite Samyuktha to eat. Saptathi asks Samyuktha to comes down to have food as everyone is waiting for her. Samyuktha finally decides to eat.

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