In the next episode, Sherlyn, over a video call, tells Prithvi about Sonakshi’s claims related to Pihu. He tells Sherlyn about his plan to usurp the Luthras’ wealth in the future. Preeta gets angry with Sonakshi when she tells Pihu that she is her real mother. Sonakshi explains that she did not know about Pihu earlier and reveals how she learned about Yashvardhan’s lies. Kareena keeps rebutting Sonakshi’s claims and asks her to leave at once. Daddy gets sceptical of Kareena’s actions and decides to find out the truth. Dadi and Rakhi take Kareena to a room to ask her if she knew about Pihu’s reality before she was adopted.

After Neetu’s revelations, Kareena confesses that she knew about Pihu earlier. Kareena narrates how she got Yashvardhan to reveal everything about Pihu to her. Preeta loses hope and fears losing Pihu. She requests Sarla and Rakhi to help her keep Pihu with her as she cannot live without her. Rakhi decides to defend Preeta against Sonakshi. She tries to convince Sonakshi that Pihu is in good hands and the Luthras will take good care of her. Karan loses his cool when Sonakshi says that she cannot leave Pihu. He warns Sonakshi that he will not let anybody take Pihu away from them. Neetu seconds Rakhi when she says that Sonakshi cannot take Pihu back legally.

Preeta fights Sonakshi for her right over Pihu and refuses to let her take Pihu back. Sonakshi says that she has given birth to Pihu. Preeta replies that a mother wass born inside her after Pihu entered her life as a daughter. She further explains that she and the Luthras cannot live without Pihu. Sonakshi tries to argue with her, but Kareena drags her out of the house. Everyone sit in the living room to try and improve their mood. Suddenly, Kritika arrives there and asks why nobody is answering the phone. She tells everyone that Sonakshi has met with an accident. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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