In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu has strange memory flashes when she arrives at Rajanandini Villa. Later, on Sharada Devi’s insistence, Mansi performs Anu’s ‘Griha Pravesh’ ritual.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu and Aryavardhan seek Sharada Devi’s blessings. Sharada Devi asks Anu to light the lamp in front of the deity’s photo. Everyone is surprised when Anu starts walking and Mansi stops her stating that she is heading in the wrong direction. She tells everyone that she felt that the temple in their house must have been in that specific direction that is the reason why she was heading there.

Harshavardhan reassures Anu when she gets worried and reveals that Hosmani had told him that during his childhood the temple in his house was situated in the direction where Anu was heading to. Jhende questions Harshvardhan when he addresses Anu as Friend-Sister-in-law. His reasoning brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

Sharada Devi takes Anu to the temple in their house, wherein Anu lights the lamps kept in front of the diety and prays for her family’s wellbeing. Furthermore, Sharada Devi asks Anu to distribute sweets to the family members. Harshavardhan teases Anu when she feeds Aryavardhan the sweets. Anu blushes when Aryavardhan refuses to leave her hand and Jhende teases him about the same.

Sharada Devi praises all the efforts put in by Meera in Aryavardhan’s wedding. Jhende tells them that Meera is busy with a personal task and Mansi questions Jhende about the same. Anu is delighted when Sharada Devi gifts her a pure silk saree from the Rajanandini brand. Sharada Devi then tells Aryavardhan about the game being organized by Mansi.

Subbu calls Anu, while Pushpa reprimands him for the same. Subbu is elated when Anu answers her calls and they have a hearty conversation. Pushpa rebukes Subbu for keeping Anu busy on the call. Meanwhile, Aryavardhan eagerly waits for Anu to come to his room for the first time. Jhende arrives there and teases Aryavardhan for his eagerness. Aryavardhan asks Jhende to let Anu freshen up before they prepare his room for his and Anu’s nuptial night.

While on the way to her room, Anu comes across Aryavardhan’s secret room and she feels as if she has been in the room before. Hosmani notices Anu and leads her to Aryavardhan’s room and avoids answering her question about the secret room. Later, Anu wears the saree given by Sharada Devi. While removing her bangles, one of them rolls over to the secret room and she wonders who the room belongs to.

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