Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Akki asking Priya to think well and take a decision. Priya goes to Meera. Meera says fine, I will not pressurize you. Priya says I am ready to marry Ram. Meera asks what, I am very happy, cannot say. She hugs Priya. Priya thinks I am not marrying for love or to prove Mahendra, life goes on with respect, not love, Ram is a good person who tells truth, he lost faith in love too, between us Truth will be there, that’s all for me. Ram says all of you here. Vikrant asks what happened. Ram says I said yes to marriage if she says yes. Kunal asks do you love her. Ram says I said I cannot love her. Adi says very well, she will say no. Shiva comes and hugs Rama. She says that he said yes. Nandini and Shubham come. Ram asks did he say yes. Nandini says yes, Meera called and said Priya said yes. Shiva says thanks.

Shubham says this is once in a lifetime opportunity, he is getting our rich and handsome brother, who will refuse Ram. Nandini says don’t say that. Vikrant says he is right. Shivi says we will go for shopping. They go. Ram asks why are you all upset, get ready to dance. Congratulations Kunal. Ram thinks I am going to marry without love, I didn’t know that I can marry anyone other than Vedika. Neeraj is on call. Friendship comes home. They watch Ram ki Roka news on TV. She says that Ram’s roka, he is getting married to Priya. Neeraj jokes and says that Ram will actually marry Priya. She calls Meera. She says I just saw the news, that stopped. Meera says that Priya said yes, her roka with Ram, Akki and Shivi have roka too. Maitri says I was right, Neeraj, its priya and Ram ka roka, I am very happy. Neeraj got angry.

Meera comes to meet Mahendra. His wife calls him to the door. Mahendra asks why did you come. Meera says priya ka roka with ram kapoor, you said priya will never marry, she is marrying richest man of this city, you cursed her and us a lot, i am not sorry, your bad Words gave me courage, I got a groom like Ram for my daughter. She left.

Sandy and Akki argue. Priya asks them to stop it. Mama and Mami come. Meera welcomes them. Akki hugs his mother and says I missed you a lot. She reacts the same way as Sandy said. Sandy says that he is always on a diet, he eats nothing but salad. Mama says ok, after marriage she will gain weight, congratulations for marriage. Mami says that he would also go on honeymoon with Priya’s blessings. She also teases Priya. Meera arranges for Roka. Banno Re Banno….Drama….

Nandini looks after the arrangements in the house. Both the families are happy. Ram and Priya smile. Meera cries seeing Priya and puts a black dot on her. Everyone takes pictures with Priya. Ram is left alone. He sees everyone taking pictures. He smiles and leaves. Neeraj comes there. He looks at Priya. He leaves. Mahendra’s wife and Raj come there. They stop Neeraj. She says someone ask you, how are you feeling, we all know that Priya loved you a lot, Priya thinks you and her father cheated on her, she doesn’t trust relationships, no one. Seeing the prosperity of Ram, he will say yes to marriage, take care. He asks are you done. He leaves in his car. She says Mahendra thinks about this marriage all the time, we have to think about our future, focus on Shubham, he is the right person to help us. Raj says fine.

There is Ram in the Roka party. Shashi and Vedika come. Ram looks at Vedika. He greets them and greets them. Shashi asks Shiva how she is. Shivi says mother was calling me, I will see you. Ram says sorry, whatever happened, we are ashamed, I promise, I will not give you a chance to complain. Shashi says its fine, our bond is strong. Ram says I am glad that both of you have come. Vedika says congratulations, that girl will be very lucky. Ram says thanks. Priya and her family arrived. Ram says she has come. They look at Priya. Ram says welcome. Priya thinks will I stay here, she doesn’t know anything about me, how our father left us and we made our life on our own. Man valet asks for parking. Priya says I don’t know. Ram sees. Sandy comes to call her for Roka. The man says sorry, I thought you were from the staff. Priya says fine, it is an honorable job. Ram sees.

Neeraj says Priya still loves me. Mami asks does Priya love you. She asks Priya do you love this girl. Nandini looks at Priya.

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