Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Kartik saying you can never become Naira, because you are Seerat Mary Kom Goenka, Naira had many qualities which you didn’t have, she didn’t have your qualities, she was a good dancer, you a good boxer You two are different, she used to perform on stage, you fight in the ring, she used to dance in anger, you take out anger on punching bag and sometimes Naira became Kairav’s mother first and then her friend, you her became friend and then his mother, you fought with others all your life, you fulfilled your and Maudi’s dream, you are perfect, you don’t need to be Naira, I respect those who are determined to follow their path, I was talking to you don’t know what you thought I never tried to change your clothes why would I want to change your personality I married you not because your face resembles Naira but because I love you Done, I like you as you are, you are perfect for me, I have lost Naira, I don’t want to lose you, say something, I Come with me Everyone watches. He apologizes.

He says Kairav ​​has accepted you as Seerat. Kairav ​​brings tissue for her. He says I have two mommas, Naira as Devaki and Yashoda as Seerat, I love both, if I had compared you to Naira, I am sorry for her, I miss her When you do anything good like her, I feel like God has given me my mother back. Seerat cries. Karthik wiped his tears. He asks do you understand now, or should I say this to everyone, go and change, we want our real serat, we miss her. Seerat hugs Kartik. Dadi, Suvarna and Gayu smile. Kartik says okay, go. Seerat turns away and says sorry. Seerat goes up. Children go along. He asks what happened to all of you, Seerat wanted to be Naira, Naira has left this world, please stop looking for her in others. Suvarna says it is not so. He actually asks, didn’t you expect Seerat to become Naira, I asked you not to compare her. Suvarna says we didn’t do this, I am sorry, I didn’t know it would happen. Dadi says I admired her that she acted like Naira, I didn’t think she would try to be Naira. Kartik says my mistake too, I did not understand why she is doing this.

Manish says it is wrong to think that she can become like Naira, we did not ask her to be Naira, I asked her not to try to be Naira. Kartik says that maybe he felt that if she becomes like Naira then the family will accept her. Manish says maybe, but his mother poisoned his mind. Suvarna and Dadi says yes she is right, we all have fault. Kartik says it is my fault, I promised to keep him happy, I thought to motivate him, but it must have put pressure on him. Akhilesh says things are clear now. Gayu says she will understand it now. Kartik says no, she will still be in dilemma. Seerat remembers Kartik’s words. She says family was looking for Naira in me, can they accept me. Kairav ​​says Seerat is looking perfect, come on, Naira will be in my heart and you will be with me. The kids bring him down. She asks why is it so dark here, be careful. She sees her pictures on the screen. Suvarna says this girl is Seerat, we didn’t know it could be a miracle, we knew the face but didn’t know the heart, this relationship has become stronger, you are more sweet than daughter.

Dadi says everyone thinks Seerat got a lot from this house, I know what Seerat gave to this house is priceless, you taught Kartik to live again, you gave new happiness to him and his kids. and gave life. Gayu says everyone got something because of your arrival, my lost sister got back, I got a lot of love from you, stay like this always. Akhilesh says yes, you don’t need to be Naira, this house needs Seerat not of Naira. Vansh says you are really very good, you can do boxing. Kairav ​​says when I met you for the first time, I called you mama without thinking, but I gave your wedding card thinking well, God gifted us a mamma, Akshu must have said the same, that we have the best mama Yes, right Akshu. Akshu says mother…. Everyone gets surprised. Seerat takes her and says say that again. Akshu says mother. They all smile. Seerat hugs Akshu. Yeh Rishta….plays…Karthik says everyone here likes Seerat. Seerat says I did not give any rights to you and Kairav, but I got a return gift. Kairav ​​says Akshu made Seerat happy. Kartik says you have to be happy to keep others happy. She says yes you are right, I had lost the real Seerat.

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