Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar Written Episode 13 September 2021, Written Update on Digihunt

In this episode, the woman dragged Gomti with her from the locality. Rama called Joshi accusing him of all the drama. He told her not to try, he can’t beat the relationship based on trust and honesty. Joshi replied that his relationship was with Ramji from the boss and the worker. Bhim Rao said that he cannot do anything wrong with her. Joshi asked her to wait till the end of the month.

Puranjan informs Ramji to get Ramji to throw Gomti out of the house, he tells him about Gomti’s reality. Ramji recounts his past experience like Gomti. Ramji and Pooranjan enjoyed tea.

Bhima Rao asked Rama. Ram came to know when Bhima Rao told him about Ramji. Rama investigated and found his address.
Jijabai screamed at her stolen earpiece. Ram saw Gomti coming out of the kitchen. Bhima Rao decided to take back Bali. Meera stopped because what happened was Jijabai’s punishment. Meera said that Bhim Rao was accused and wronged by someone which was not easy to handle. Some people wanted Gomti to come between Bhima Roa and Rama. Bhima Rao replied that Bhima Bai taught him to help everyone, although Jijabai could have become his mother at any time, yet she had to fulfill her responsibility. Meera cried, Bhim Rao said that he made her like this. Bhima Rao left. Meera said that Jijabai would cry to be with Bhim Rao.
The women forcibly took Gomti inside a room and threatened to abuse her. she went away. Gomti decides to run away. He planned to sell Jijabai’s earring.

Joshi reached the factory. He saw Ramji circling on the floor. People called Puranjan.

Bhima Rao went to Gomti’s room. The woman saw him. He inquired about the woman. Gomti tried to run away. Bhima Rao and the men followed him. A woman confronted him; She fell on the floor. The woman gave back her earring to Bhima Rao. When Gomti questioned him, the woman denied that everything was wrong. If she allowed someone to do wrong she would not be able to forgive herself. He learned from his sworn brother in Satara. Gomti said that the man standing behind her was Bhim Rao. He asked if she was Madhuri. The woman ran inside. Bhima Rao followed him, he was stopped by a man.

The woman said that only a customer can come to her. Bhim Rao pleaded to meet his sister. Gomti asked Bhima Rao to lower his voice. He ousted Bhima Rao.

The woman wept remembering Bhim Rao and his efforts to help her in Satara. He asked God to introduce him to Bhima Rao.

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Post Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 13 September 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao meets Madhuri. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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