Aapki Nazarne Ne Jahne September 13, 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Namrata coming to argue with Nandini. Nandini lies to him. Namrata says I think you are planning to insult me. She goes to everyone and says Nandini was talking to some lady outside, I hope she is not planning to insult me. Darshan asks if Nandini can’t talk to anyone now. Charmi says Nandini, Rajvi scolded you in anger, don’t show attitude towards elders, come. Nandini says I do not show attitude towards elders. Charmi says it is your fault, can’t family stay upset with you. Shobit asks her to leave. Winnie comes there. Parul asks what happened. A lady comes and says Vinnie has beaten my son, do you teach this to your daughter, you don’t have time to pay attention to that. Darsh asks who are you to talk about our personal matter. Nandini asks why did you beat her son. Vini says her son said you are a bad woman, you are helping a bad uncle. Nandini says I am sorry from my side, your son should know not to comment on elders. The woman says that she was right. Rajvi says we will pay the hospital bills, go now. Woman says we don’t need your money, thanks. She goes. Nandini scolds Vini. Vini gets upset and leaves. Parul says she is a baby girl, don’t scold her, see how things are affecting her, I will explain to her.

Its morning, everyone performs aarti. Nandini stays away. Darshan says I will do aarti with Nandini, she has no ego. Rajeev says ok. Nandini says sorry, I can’t come, I have to go to mobile store, Namrata may doubt me. She prays and leaves. Charmi looks at him. Rajvi says muhurta is over, do aarti. Darsh says no, I will do it with Nandini. Parul says maybe Nandini was feeling upset. Darsh says I hope you are not doing anything wrong. Nandini meets Sudarshan and asks about the tab sold by Asha. He says I have kept old stuff in godown, it is difficult. She says tab is really small for me, think about someone’s life. He asks her to wait, she will get the key. Charmi says I bribed the doctor to chase the driver, he says she went to the area where you lived. He gets a call. She says Nandini went to some electronics godown. Namrata says yes there is, what is she doing there.

Sudarshan calls Nandini and says Namrata called me and asked about you, I told about tab, she said it is a police matter, I can’t help you. He ends the call. She says I will get the tab. Namrata says I have threatened him, he will not entertain Nandini. Charmi says Nandini will get that tab, but what can happen in that tab. Nandini tries to go inside the godown. She goes through the window. Nandini looks for the tab. There comes humility. She says I know Nandini is inside. Nandini gets a tab and checks it. Can’t find any videos. She checks Nimesh’s tab. She watches the video of Namrata and Aatish’s fight. She overhears Nandini’s plan to file a domestic violence case against Aatish to get a divorce. Nandini says I wanted this proof. Namrata tried to break the lock with a stone. Nandini says did Namrata reach here. Namrata broke the lock.

Namrata enters the warehouse. She does not see Nandini. She says wish Nandini doesn’t get the tab. Rajvi asks Darshan to come for the aarti. He goes for Aarti. Nandini sends video to Darsh. She left. Charmi is on her way. Nandini runs with Tab. She says I will message Nandini. He hit Nandini with the car. Nandini faints. The tab breaks. Charmi says I didn’t want to kill her, if anything happens to her, I will be in trouble, I should leave here before she sees me, what was in that tab, Nandini was so desperate for it, I can save humility if I can save myself. She left. Darsh calls Nandini. He says that she is not answering. Rajvi says this is very wrong, let her be in your ego. Darsh says I feel like he is in some problem. Rajiv says don’t say this.

Rajvi asks where did you go after leaving Pooja. Aatish comes home with the police. Rajvi says I have called the commissioner here to get the divorce papers signed. Nandini soon thinks of showing the proof to Darshan.

To: Amena

Post Aapke Nazar Ne Samjha 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini meets with an accident which first appeared on Telly Updates.


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