Krushna Abhishek and Govinda Controversy: The feud that started between comedian Krushna Abhishek and his maternal uncles Govinda and Sunita Ahuja is not taking the name of stopping. . According to media reports, recently her maternal uncle Sunita had said in an interview about Krishna Abhishek that this fight will never end when she is alive and she does not want to see Krishna’s face as long as she is alive. At the same time, Krishna had said that after listening to the maternal uncle, he leaves everything to Lord Ganesha and hopes that he will also find a solution to the problem. 

Meanwhile, it is reported that his wife Kashmera Shah is very angry on the statement made about Krishna and has slammed Govinda’s wife Sunita fiercely. According to media reports, Kashmira has even said that, for me these people (Govinda and Sunita) do not exist for the last five years, if you have to ask me, then ask about Priyanka and Katrina. Who is Sunita?’ Kashmera did not stop here, but she went on to say that, ‘I have made a different identity in the industry, I am not recognized as someone’s wife, I would not like to talk about such people’. 

Let us tell you that the dispute between Krishna and his maternal uncle Govinda is going on since the year 2016. In the year 2018, Karishma had said in another comment that some people earn money by dancing. This comment was considered by Sunita as an insult to Govinda, after which the matter between these two families got worse. At the same time, when Govinda and Sunita reached an episode of Kapil Sharma’s show in the past, Krishna Abhishek did not appear in it. Sunita was very angry about this and she saw it as an insult to her.

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