Federal Judge Yvonne González Rogers, in her ruling of the trial between Apple and Epic Games, said that Apple cannot prevent developers from offering third-party payment methods that avoid charges their customers for in-app purchases. . Also read- Google Pixel 6 series design teased, may launch next month

The decision states that Apple cannot prevent developers from including external links to the purchasing mechanism other than in-app purchases. Developers can also communicate with the users of their apps through points of contact voluntarily obtained through account registration. Also Read – Leaked! iPhone 13 price, sale date and full details revealed ahead of September 14 launch

The decision came after a lengthy court battle between Apple and Epic Games, where Epic was accusing Apple of imposing an unfair, monopolistic tax in the form of fees on in-app purchases. Also Read – Forget the iPhone 13, early renders of the iPhone 14 reveal a notchless design


Last year, Epic updated Fortnite to include its own in-app payment system, bypassing Apple. The game was removed from the App Store for violating its terms and policies. This was followed by an antitrust lawsuit from Epic. A similar case is going to happen against Google as well.

The injunction, uploaded online by The Verge, found the court not a monopoly on Apple. While the ruling has largely left Apple’s policies untouched, a major change has been introduced. Now, Apple needs to allow developers to add other forms of payment in addition to its system. However, the payment form can be linked only through the link of the payment gateway. Using this, developers will not have to pay any fee to Apple.


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