Jasmin Bhasin reveals how Bharti Singh lost 16 kgs

Bharti Singh surprised many with her massive weight loss transformation. The comedian lost around 16 kilos in a year. Yes, you heard that right. And she didn’t go through major food restrictions or heavy workouts. Jasmin Bhasin is revealing the real secret diet and below are all the details you need!

As most people know, Jasmine and Bharti are best friends. They have also worked together in shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi. The two always pat each other’s back and are seen together at least once a month. It was time for their reunion last night and the Naagin actress shared a glimpse on her Instagram.

Jasmin Bhasin shared a video in which Bharti Singh can be seen eating delicious ‘ghar ka khana’. But don’t be in a rush to decide as the meal consisted of a plate full of rice, on which The Kapil Sharma Show actor poured 4 tablespoons of ghee.

Bharti Singh was enjoying rice with dal tadka (again made in ghee) and aloo sabzi cooked in oil. This is very much against diets for weight loss. Is not it? But still the only thing keeping him safe is intermittent fasting!

In the video, Jasmin Bhasin can be heard saying, “This is the secret of Bharati’s paatal hona.” However, the comedian interrupted, saying, “Pay attention to the time I’m eating.”

Check out the video below:

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Bharti Singh revealed that she follows the rule of intermittent fasting. She told NDTV food.com, “I didn’t follow any diet, I just fasted for 15-16 hours and ate home cooked food like parathas, tea, eggs, vegetables, kadhi-rice etc. I belong to a Punjabi family. And parathas are our pride. I never eat any fancy food, and never eat after 7 pm no matter what. In fact, my body has stopped taking food at the wrong time.”

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