from now on ghost police.(courtesy: arjunakpur)

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Jacqueline Fernandez, Javed Jaffrey, Rajpal Yadav, Girish Kulkarni, Jamie Lever, Amit Mistry

Director: Pawan Kriplani

Rating: Two and a half stars (out of 5)

Pawan Kriplani ghost police, a horror comedy that holds its cards to the chest until it fits well into the second half, opens with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, believe it or not. However, it quickly moves to put the ghost of America’s first president to rest as he is clearly not at the center of the zany plot. There’s nothing in this crazy, charmingly prank film about a pair of on-call Ghostbusters that could be tied to anything that came to Lincoln’s mind when he said: “Believe in the things you do Can see and touch, there is no faith. But believing in the unseen is a victory and a blessing.”

Not much ghost police It’s immediately believable, but what we see in the movie is amusing enough for us not to be distracted by its tiny little horrors. On Disney+Hotstar, the film stars as two brothers, Vibhuti Vaidya and Chironji Vaidya (Arjun Kapoor), the son of Ullat Baba, a famous tantrik occultist, in constant jokes on what to believe and what not. Woven around. They do not see face to face for the purpose of witchcraft.

Two brothers clash and clash with two sisters who have nothing in common – one wants to protect his father’s legacy, the other dreams of returning to London and living it. The complications that arise trigger a war between superstition and skepticism.

Vibhuti is an unattainable charlatan who thrives on exploiting people’s fear of the unknown for economic gain. Inspector Chhedilal (Javed Jaffrey) is on the hunt for the boy as he has old scores to settle with the family.

Chironji, in contrast, is deeply serious about his deceased father’s teachings and sees himself as a worthy heir to the spectral arts that the family has manifested at one point for seven generations. Put some logic, Vibhuti keeps on telling his younger brother, though he is fully aware that they are not in the business of logic. Neither is the film.

Despite their different worldviews, the brothers always hunt in a pair. A van that doubles as wheels at home takes them wherever they’re needed. The film opens in a deserted mansion where a girl is believed to be possessed by the spirit of her grandfather. “black energy is here (Here’s dark energy),” says the younger brother as he gets out of his vehicle outside the house. This is a prophecy he will make on several subsequent occasions.

What happens when two men confront a young girl (Yashaswini Dayama) and the spirit who has taken control of her gives Vibhuti all the more reason to pooh-pooh the existence of ghosts. Chironji, however, is unable to give up his belief in the power of the torn little book of supernatural knowledge that his father had given him.

At the behest of Maya (Yami Gautam), the brothers and sisters move to a tea garden in Dharamsala. he needs their help to get rid of the village sluggish, an evil and stubborn spirit from the mountains, which is affecting the productivity of his loss-making factory. The laborers leave every day before sunset because they are afraid of being in the way of ghosts in the dark.

talk about the dark, ghost police, shot by Jaya Krishna Gummadi, makes very effective use of dimly-lit spaces, both interior and exterior, and casting light and shadow penetrating the haze, to create the atmosphere of an irreverent, beguiling ghost story that sets a firm footing. Comes alive with tongue-in-cheek script (written by Kripalani, Pooja Ladha Surti and Sumit Batheja) that recounts and sends many conventions that usually go into the horror festivities of the big screen.

Is ghost police Constantly funny? Probably not, but it has its share of really funny scenes and exchanges. One could say that the quality of the extravagant one-liners is uncertain, but Saif Ali Khan brings his flair for comedy to the act of delivering verbal punches with straight faces, parts of ghost police There are a full hoot and a half.

Some of his scenes with Jacqueline Fernandez playing Maya’s skeptical sister Kanika, who has no patience for two beautiful exorcists called by Maya to the estate, are changing as much of the punishment has hit the house.

Kanika says that nepotism and blind faith (Blind faith) is the ruin of the country. Vibhuti and Chironji are guilty of taking profit from the former and selling the latter. She also describes the two siblings as “bloody amateurs” given to deceiving gullible people with “fraud lore”.

In one scene Saif’s character asks Kanika of Fernandez if she knows? hope (hope) means. I do, she says and is quick to warn him of a kick to the rump. In the second scene, it is the girl’s turn to ask questions. She wonders if he is Vibhuti’s “type”. The man replies: “i’m a lover of the world, all types are my types (I’m a global lover, all types are my types).” If you’re funny enough for yourself, there are other scenes in the film that run similarly.

ghost police Even though it may not be the kind of film that will tickle everyone, but Saif Ali Khan, when he is on the roll, is happy. It doesn’t mean that Arjun Kapoor adjusts with her. Jacqueline Fernandez makes her contribution to the happiness, while Yami Gautam plays a steady hand until matters take a dire turn in the last lap of the film.

Javed Jaffrey has a long cameo which he takes the most advantage of. Rajpal Yadav and Girish Kulkarni put on fleeting appearances that went away in a flash. Jamie Lever and the late Amit Mistry (perhaps in his last film role) play supporting roles who are suffering for not getting enough attention from screenwriters.

It is beneficial in a way that ghost police Doesn’t set the bar too high. Even better, it doesn’t take itself too seriously at all, despite the fact that it invokes Abraham Lincoln before the romp begins. So, in order to be entertaining the film needs a penetrating script and a bunch of actors who know exactly what they are in for this riotous rigor. It has those two things and a little more. in one go, ghost police, Powered by Saif Ali Khan, Have Fun While It Lasts.


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