In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya returns to her room upon seeing the mess created by Abhi and his friends, who are left with the impression that she is angry. Teji and Rhea return with the newly-made offering, and Pallavi begins with the puja. However, towards the end of the puja, the railing comes off the swing, but Prachi manages to catch Lord Krishna’s idol before it could hit the ground. The instance leaves Vikram furious, and he lashes out at Pallavi for giving such a huge responsibility to someone as careless as Prachi. Meanwhile, Gaurav comes looking for Alia at the chawl and demands answers from her. Back at the Kohli house, a furious Pallavi berates Prachi in front of the guests and hands the keys to Rhea. She asks Prachi to go to her room and not come out until the guests have left. Ranbeer offers a tissue to Prachi and asks her to take a break from her household duties. He offers to take her out for a drive but when she refuses, offers to take her to see Pragya.

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbeer convinces Prachi to visit Abhi and Pragya and consoles her. When Pallavi tries to apologise to Vikram, he reveals that he is not upset with her. He explains his hunch that Prachi is doing it all deliberately to exact revenge on them. It leaves Pallavi shocked and she begins to worry about Ranbeer. However, Vikram reassures her by stating that Ranbir will eventually see the truth when he is not blinded by love.

Daljeet inspects the swing and realises that somebody had tampered with it. She immediately suspects Rhea and confronts her. Rhea pretends to admit that she is the one behind it all but later tries to emotionally manipulate Daljeet into thinking that it is her bias that makes her feel that she is the one plotting against Prachi. She puts on an act and earnestly states that she isn’t the old Rhea anymore and loves her sister a lot.

Prachi cheers up upon seeing Pragya, who waits for them outside. Ranbeer hands over Abhi’s medical reports, and it reminds Pragya how furious she is with Abhi for drinking with his friends. Prachi cautions her that Abhi can’t have alcohol at all, and Pragya resolves to not let him have any. Ranbeer asks Pragya to convince Prachi to go on a drive with him, and they leave soon. Pragya interrupts the game Abhi is playing with his friends and her disproval over his drinking habits.

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