The sourness in the relationship between Bollywood actor Govinda and his nephew comedian Krishna Abhishek is not taking the name of lessening. Recently, Govinda along with his wife Sunita Ahuja joined The Kapil Sharma Show as a guest but Krishna remained missing from the show. Krishna says that

"I think both the sides do not want to share a stage. His tension with Mama Govinda is still going on."

Govinda did not give any reaction about this but his wife spoke openly. Replying to Bombay Times, Sunita said that "Govinda has already said last year that he will not talk publicly on this issue. He kept his promise like a gentleman but Krishna spoke again. I just want to say that we want to maintain a respectable second. But now this matter has come to such a point where I should solve it."

they said, "Whenever we come on the show, they give statements about us in the media just for the sake of publicity. It’s no use, even if you don’t react to Govinda, but I get angry. Even when it is not there, the show is a hit."


Sunita said that Abhishek uses his maternal uncle’s name for comedy. He is not talented enough to give a hit show. There is no room for reconciliation now. In the last three years, the rift has further increased.

Sunita said, "I had said three years ago that as long as I am alive things cannot be resolved. If we grew up by bringing up, then we will climb on the head, will misbehave. What if we had fired Krishna after my mother-in-law passed away? Those who grew up have come down on their misbehavior with them. I just want to say that I do not want to see his face for the rest of my life." 

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