Aapko Nazar Ne Samjhauta September 10, 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Charmi getting angry seeing Nandini stitch the buttons on Darsh’s shirt. She hurts herself. Darsh goes to the family. Vipul asks the inspector to make Aatish confess. Inspector says we tried everything, he says he did not raise hands on Aatish. Darsh says he is lying. Inspector says he is not admitting his crime. Rajvi says be strict on her. Nandini worries. Darshan asks her to see. Her dupatta catches fire. She turns away. Rajeev asks where is your meditation. Charmi thinks that I will lose all her relation to Nandini. Darsh says that Aatish should never come out of jail. Nandini thinks to talk politely once. She lights the lamp. She approaches Namrata. She says we know that Aatish did not beat you, you bribed the guard and Hetal too, how much lie you will lie, you are lying to family. Namrata starts acting and laughs. She says truth is the one that gets proved, everything else is a story, I don’t care what you think about me, it’s your choice, my family is with me. She left.

Nandini gets a call from Aatish. He says no one comes forward to support in bad times, neighbors know that I did not beat Namrata, not coming for help, afraid of Rawal. She says don’t worry, I trust you. He asks will you give statement for me in court, my life will be spoiled, please help me. She says I will come and meet you. Rajiv shouts on the call. Mrs. Patel comes and says a special news appeared in my newspaper, Namrata is filing a case of cheating on Aatish for domestic violence to get divorce, Nandini calls me to take my help, you know I The family was waiting for such scam in Rawal, my newspaper sales increased by 15%, so I got sweets from your shop. Darsh asks what the hell. She asks him to ask Nandini. Darsh says I will call him. She says she is not at home, she has gone to meet Aatish. Rajeev asks what the hell. Mrs Patel shows the picture. Darsh gets angry. Charmi calls Mrs. Patel as Nandini and tells about Namrata.

Mrs Patel says I will publish more such articles. She goes. Rajeev asks what Nandini is doing. Nandini comes home. Rajvi asks did you meet Aatish. Nandini says yes. Rajvi asks what is wrong with you, do you sympathize with her, she had beaten Namrata, you called Mrs Patel to tell everything. Nandini says I did not call her. Rajiv says don’t lie. Nandini says I don’t know anything, trust me, I don’t know why she is taking my name. Rajvi says I don’t want to see your face at this time. Charmi smiles. Nandini comes to Namrata and asks did you call Mrs Patel by my name. She sees Namrata subconsciously and grumbling. She asks Darsh to come early. Everyone comes. They see Namrata with sleeping pills. Darsh calls a doctor.

Charmi says it is good that we have seen her on time. Namrata opened her eyes and looked at him. She remembers Charmi saying that Nandini told the media about her lies. She says we have to make a big plan to stop Nandini, she will not sit silent. Namrata gets angry. She asks do you suggest about sleeping pills. FB finished. Darsh asks the doctor to come soon. Charmi says I know you felt bad seeing all this, you should not take your life. She says we should make her vomit the pills. She takes Namrata to the washroom. The doctor comes. He says Charmi you made her vomit at right time, otherwise you know what happens if she takes extra dose of sleeping pills. He leaves. Darsh asks did you go crazy to leave life. Namrata cries and says sorry, what should I do, I have no respect here, Nandini spreads the news, sorry mother. Rajiv scolds Nandini.

She says if you have any problem with humility, you and Darsh can go somewhere else, just go now. She throws Nandini out. Nandini says I am hurting the family to reveal Namrata’s truth. She prays. He gets an idea. She says Namrata’s lawyer will never support me, that guard leaves from Dwarka, who will help me, sorry Rajvi, I will bring out Namrata’s truth. Rajvi cries and says what can be the solution, if Nandini doesn’t like Namrata, Nandini and Darsh can live separately. Darshan says I will talk to Nandini. Vipul says it is a good news, Aatish accepts the charges.

Darshan tells Nandini not to trust Aatish, and humbly apologizes. Nandini asks Aatish why he accepted the charges. He says fighting with Rawal is useless, so I give up. She says that I will not leave this fight incomplete.

To: Amena

Post Aapke Nazar Ne Samjha 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s allegation first surfaced on telly updates.


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