Pandya Store 9th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode starts with everyone getting excited to see Kanha. Dhara waits for Ravi. Gautam said what happened, why are you looking upset. Dhara says it is a big day for us, on this day people used to taunt me, I am pregnant, I can answer them, my whole family fought for me, Ravi also stayed with me, today he is with us Not there. Gowtham says don’t think much, maybe something good is hidden in this. Krish says sorry, I tried a lot, but Ravi did not come. He looks at Ravi and smiles. He whistles and says there is a surprise for you, look back.

They see that Ravi is coming. Krish says that he was not wearing a lehenga. Dhara says at least, she has come. Everyone sees him. Dhara asks what is she finding in the pot. Ravi says Dhara, I have a surprise for you, your gifted lehenga is in this vessel. She says I cannot take your false love, sorry. She throws the dishes. They see the ashes. The stream cries. The stream says great, these ashes are not of the cloth that Gautam brought for you, it is the ashes of the relationships you threw, you had a fight with Shiva, we were ready to break a relationship with you, this Got you for less, I thought it’s Janmashtami, we will win you over with our love. Ravi argues. Dhara says I was feeling guilty that wrong happened to you, seeing your behavior gives me peace, I think whatever happened was right, you have become very wise, its fine, I am my I will keep love with you, you keep your intelligence. Dhara gets dizzy. Everyone keeps it. Suman cries. Ravi thinks how he got dizzy, is it because of me, how can I hurt him so much, Shiva filled me with hatred. Gautam asks are you fine Dhara. He asks Dev to bring lemonade. He says I told her not to take tension, but she always takes tension. Dhara sees Ravi. She stops Ravi. Everyone goes to worship Kanha. Ravi comes there and stumbles. She holds Shiva’s hand. Gautam and Dhara see this. Gautam smiled.

Dhara feels that Ravi did a lot wrong. Ravi and Shiv meet with their teams in Dahi Handi competition. Everyone comes. Krish dances. Dev says that there will be a competition between girls team and boys team. Ravi’s friends come there and greet. Shiva gets angry. He says I will win at any cost, this bike is only mine. Suman says once happiness comes in our house, we will dance well. Kris asks Dhara to dance. Suman says she will not dance, she should not have come in the crowd. Praful looks on. Suman makes Dhara an iron bangle. She says evil eye will not catch you. Anita thinks to find out. Women won’t even walk. Suman says everyone is watching us, we have to be careful, why have you become so ornate, you are looking so beautiful. Dev says that whoever breaks this Dahi Handi first will get this new bike. Everyone dances on the dhol.

Shiva and Ravi climb the pyramid. Suman says my tiger will win. Shiva reaches the top and holds the Dahi Handi. He looks at Ravi.

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