Ghar Ek Mandir 9th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Manish goes to Nisha and marigold and says Amaji has asked to throw food, marigold says we can’t throw it, throwing it is disrespectful we can feed many people, Varun says you can eat food. Worried about what about my parents, Manish says Varun calm down everything will be fine, I think he is not at fault, Varun says what if Nisha did this, are you still Will say this. Varun left. Manish says marigold I know it was a mistake and you didn’t do it intentionally, Nisha says where is Amaji I don’t see her. Manish says she is meditating in temple and will tell us how can we pay for it.

Amaji ends her meditation and sees a pot, and takes it to everyone. Kundan stands in front of her with folded hands and asks how can we repay, Amaji says it is not easy thing, you have to pay heavy, Marigold says no Amaji, I will take this punishment, it was my mistake. And I will pay it, Amaji says it is very hard you can’t, Marigold says I am a devotee of Maharaj Agrasen and he always said that admitting mistake is the first step for your mistakes and whatever I do Amaji says think again, Marigold says I will, Amaji says this pitcher will test you Till then you will fast and there will be no water, Nisha thinks it is fun, Amaji says not even a drop of water or food should go in your stomach, Marigold says till I get my family reputation back food and water are poison for me, as you would say, i will fast.
Amaji says why did you commit this sin when you knew that I am coming, Marigold says I wanted to earn love from my in-laws and start it from my husband, because I knew that Varun had to Don’t like sattvik food, my maharaj know me there was no bad intention but i had sinned and so i will punish. Amaji your husband should support you in this fast. Varun says Amaji me why, marigold says I did mistake why will he do this, Amaji says you cooked food for Varun and in marriage you promised to be with him in happiness and misery and hence he has to do this, Marigold is his better half and Varun will be a part of all your punishments.
Anuradha says can I do in Varun’s place, Amaji says she has to do as Marigold’s husband, that is the only way. Varun says Amaji, how long will it take, Amaji says it may take hours or even days depending on your devotion. Varun thinks how will I have medicine without food.

Kundan says I will do anything for Shuddhi Karan, so Varun will go with marigold. Manish asks when will it start, Amaji immediately says go Varun, fill this pot with water. Varun takes it hesitantly, and looks at the marigold angrily. Marigold chases Varun. Varun ignores her. Marigold says trust me Varun I didn’t do anything with intention please forgive me. Anuradha tells Kundan that I am worried about Varun, Nisha says I am very scared for Varun, he has to bear all this because of marigold.
Marigold tries to convince Varun but he ignores him.

Amaji asks Varun to tie the pitcher, Varun keeps it in the arrangement made. Amaji prays and makes a whole in the pot, Varun thinks about his medicine and what if Marigold comes to know about his illness. Amaji says I have to go now but this exam will help me and I hope you will not cheat and will complete what I said, Amaji says I trust your confidence with marigold and so I am going, My God be with you and go.

Suman says goodbye to Anuradha and leaves, the rest go to their room. Marigold and Varun stand in front of the pot, Varun says to Marigold that I got punished because of you, who asked you to do this, you are a stress for me and walks away.
Nisha eats food in her room and says wow marigold cooks such good food, how much drama is this Ammaji. Shivam says give mummy to me too, Nisha says sorry. Manish sees Nisha having food, Nisha asks did mamaji call for job, Manish says he was tensed by what happened and I don’t think you feel bad.

Varun is angry in his room, he destroys all the arrangements in the room, marigold walks to him, and says Varun I am sorry, because of me you have to fast, Varun says what was needed, marigold Says I wanted you to be happy, Varun says look I am very happy, you bring so many problems, Marigold says I don’t know how to change the bowls, Amaji is upset because of you and mummy papa to her feet. I had to fall. Varun’s hand starts trembling.

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Post Ghar Ek Mandir 9 September 2021 Written Episode Updates Genda and Varun first appeared on telly updates to follow the fast.


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