Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode starts with everyone feeling sad. Amrita cries and hugs Karan’s picture. Meera hugs Divya. Divya says sorry, I did not want to hurt you by telling about the marriage. Meera says okay, you should focus on reducing your weight. She hears Krishnakant talking to Shetty. Shetty asks what is the issue. Meera asks Krishnakant to end the call. Krishnakant asks who is that boy, who is troubling him. Shetty says she is my star employee. Krishnakant says he is the apple of my eyes. Shetty asks who is troubling her. Meera takes the phone and disconnects. Shetty calls and says let me talk to my father who is apple. Meera asks did you fired him, thanks, I will inform my dad. Shetty asks what is happening. She thanks him and ends the call. She says Shetty fired her, who told you. She scolds Divya. He dances with them. She thinks Kabir, I will not let you go from office.

Pritam comes downstairs and sees Amrita. She closes the window. Grandpa stops him. He says it didn’t go well today. Pritam says tell me what is my mistake. Dada ji says it was not your fault but it broke my heart, your hammer inadvertently hurt Amrita, you were hammering above, Karan’s picture fell and broke. He shows Karan’s picture. He says you have broken Amrita’s picture of God. Pritam says I am really sorry. Dada ji says it was not your fault, she shouted at you, she was wrong, but it was not her anger but her pain, I am sorry from her side. Pritam says ok. Dada ji says she loves Karan so much even his picture is for him, I explained to him that I will fix this frame, it is just a picture, we can change the frame And keep it to yourself, forget what he said.

Angad and Sandy are in a cafe. Krishnakant and Meera come there. He says that all the work is done. Meera asks why did you meet Maulvi. He says he will be reading his holy book at the grave, you are very dear to me, will you have coffee. Meera says yes. They see Angad there. Krishnakant says we will go. She asks why, nobody bought this cafe. He hears Angad talking to his friend. Meera says we will go. Angad turns and sees them. A man asks Krishnakant if he is shopping with Meera and Angad, the wedding date is final. Krishnakant says no. He asks Angad to sit. The man says that marriages are taking place nowadays, are you delaying marriage because of corona. Meera says no. Angad asks Krishnakant to tell. He says sorry, I have to leave for the meeting. He goes. The man asks why Angad was upset. Meera says she lost her job.

Krishnakant asks him to take Angad in his company, if there is any vacancy. The man asks her to give her business to Angad. Meera says this relationship broke down. The man asks why are you worried about his job. Krishnakant says I had relation with Angad and his family, I will wish good for him. The man says ok, let me see what I can do. He goes. Krishnakanta says what is the time. Meera hugs him and says you have big heart, you are angel. Amrita cries. Karan comes and consoles her. She says our love will never end, I think you are here, seeing me Pritam tried to snatch you from me. He says don’t blame her. she gets angry. Kamli says Pritam is calling you out. Amrita asks why. She goes to see.

Amrita asks Pritam to have a good talk. Grandfather says someone killed a girl, the murderer will not survive. Pritam is shocked to see the girl’s picture in the newspaper.

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Post Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam feels sorry first appeared on telly updates.


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