In the latest episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandyla, Shaku learns that Omkar was with Vasant on the day of his wedding and breaks down on realizing the truth. Moreover, she feels helpless to see her children suffering for no fault of theirs.

Meanwhile, Sweetu lashes out at Omkar on the call and rebukes him for giving her the credit for the presentation. She taunts him for leaving her alone during their wedding.

In the previous episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandyla we have seen that, Sweetu and Rocky wish Shaku on her birthday and Sweetu arranges a party at home. She further urges Shaku to forgive Omkar and bring him back home, but Shaku refuses. Later, Nalu and Vasant come for Shaku’s birthday party and Shaku misses Omkar.

Meanwhile, Maithili asks Omkar to go to Sweetu’s house and collect the presentation’s file from her. When Omkar comes to take the file from Sweetu, he gives her a letter for Shaku. Sweetu smartly manages to hand over the letter to Shaku, and the latter gets emotional on reading it. When Nalu and Vasant come to console her, she apologises to them for Omkar’s irresponsible behavior on the day of the wedding and curses him for ruining Sweetu’s life.

However, a guilt-ridden Vasant stops her and reveals the truth, leaving Shaku shocked. Will Shaku bring Omkar back home on learning the truth?

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