Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

The episode begins with Raja Bhojraj, Meera holding his lord and welcoming him to the palace, while Meera tells Raja’s sister about the idol of her lord and she welcomes her lord as well. Meera enters but sees the same maid coming from her that she is the one who brought the wedding dress for her. The same maid informs Raja’s sister that all the material has already arrived from Meera’s parents and Raja’s sister takes her to both her rooms where her bed is being decorated. Meera asks Raja’s sister about her Prabhu’s room and she shows him another room which Meera likes and she gets busy to settle her Prabhu in that room.

Raja Bhojraj is busy attending to his friends, who ask him how his wife is so attached to the idol of the Lord, which is too much, but the king says that it is not much, but pure deep devotion. , while he says that this deep devotion should not affect his married life and he feels a little tensed hearing this.

A maid asks Raja’s sister if Raja has married a Jogan while Raja is listening but her sister tells her that she is new and will teach her how to stay in this house slowly until she settles down. How to behave slowly Raja tells his sister that he was watching how Meera is getting comfortable setting herself up while her sister praises her.

Meera is arranging flowers around her to settle her lord while Raja is watching him slowly but the same maid informs Raja that her friends are calling her and he leaves. The maid asks Meera what happened while Meera says why is she asking when she knows everything about him but the maid says she has seen him for the first time and leaves to fetch flowers while Meera Praises her lord for miracles.

Ganeshji says that Meera knew that she would have to go through a lot of obstacles in her life for the sake of her Lord, for which she was ready.

Meera goes to ask the maid for the kitchen room to bring food for her lord, but the king’s sister mocks her saying that she is ready to serve her lord immediately, but Meera tells her that she should be asked by her lord Girdhar Gopal. and the maid gives fresh laddoos while Raja’s sister is confused. about his behaviour.

Meera’s maid informs that her room is ready, while Raja’s sister tells her maid that she is being pampered at her parents’ house, but that she should behave the way she should in Chittorgarh. Will teach her

Meera, after setting her lord in another room of her husband’s palace, sits in front of him and sings a prayer, while Raja Bhojraj’s friends are surprised to hear his voice praising the king.

King Bhojraj’s sister informs all the women to tell that this is the palace of the king and there is no singing hall so they all leave. Meera weeps asking Prabhu to take care of her now as she has come here believing in him while Raja’s mother asks her seeing why she is crying or it is married against her wish and He says whatever may happen but from now on he will take great care of her and will give whatever she asks for.

Pushpadanta asks Ganeshji why King Bhojraj said this and whether he was really going to do what he said and Ganeshji says that time was decisive in Meera’s fate.

A maid asks Meera to go to the decorated room where the king will be waiting for her or if she sits here in front of her lord then people blaming her parents for such strange behavior Will get a chance to do it and Meera reminds her of the promise made to her by the mother to take care of the pride of the family and she goes to the room where the bed is decorated.

Precap: Meera sleeps on the floor leaving the bed decorated, while Raja Bhojraj finds her sleeping, so he walks over to her, while she begs the lord to protect her.

to: Tanay

Post Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update – Meera makes her lord settle in the room provided in the palace of King Bhojraj. First appeared on Tele Updates.


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