Mahi Vij blocked Jai Bhanushali on Instagram, know why (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Jai Bhanshuhali and his wife Mahhi Vij are true couple goals. We see him living our life as the best partner and best friend. The couple married in 2011 and welcomed two children through adoption in 2017. Two years later, they welcomed their first biological daughter, Tara. But now the wife has blocked the actor. Can you guess why? Read on for the details!

It all happened when Jay shared a family picture on his Instagram yesterday. One could see Tara in the frame and fans were in awe. But Mahi was upset as she feels that her husband always shares bad pictures of her. So, she went crazy and blocked him on Instagram.

Jay Bhanushali revealed all this on his Instagram story, saying, “If I had done this, by now all the lectures would have started coming, ‘You don’t love me like that now, you’re having an affair with someone else’ ( If I block her, I will never hear the end of it. She will accuse me of not loving me anymore and having an affair with someone else).”

In this, Mahi Vij said, “Tu challe chakkar aur mera picha chor.”

Jai Bhanushali laughed and said, “What the hell is going on? You are seeing my stories but I don’t see any of your posts.”

Mahi Vij clarified that she is watching her story through Tara’s account.

Watch the viral video below:

But don’t you want to see the picture that made up the whole scene? Here it is:

Jay Bhanushali also shared a screenshot of fans who messaged Mahhi Vij to unblock him. But the actress was adamant on giving school to her husband with this unique trick!

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