Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Ram going to talk to Vedika. Shivi and Akki reach his house. Shubham comes there and gets angry on Akki. Shubham and Akki have a fight. Shiva asked them to stop it. Nandini comes and stops them. She asks Shubham to calm down. She asks Shubham to come with her. She says Akki is worried for Priya’s marriage, he doesn’t want to get married, I understand, I have got a proposal for you. Meera says that Priya has gone to the club to find a solution. Nandini says my son will marry Priya. Shubham asks what are you saying. Nandini says I am talking about Ram, I got Ram’s offer for Priya.

Ram says rain, very sweet. Vedika says yes. Priya goes to see. Vedka says you are making your friend match with this girl. Ram turns and sees Priya. Priya really asks, matchmaker. Ram says I can explain. Priya says you called me here for my setting, why do you want to marry me, tell me. Ram says try to understand. Priya says you think you will do me a favor, what did you think. She goes. Shashi sees. Vedika asks what is all this. Ram says I will explain later. He goes after Priya. everyone leaves.

Vedika says I think that girl did not know about Kunal. Shashi says good drama. Priya argues with Ram. She asks if my choice doesn’t matter, why should I adjust if I am a girl, you think your friend has a lot of money, you want to show money and get a girl. Ram says wait, I am feeling indigestion. Priya says your friend knew that he is coming to meet me, you did not ask me. Ram says I wanted you both to meet. She says both people should know about it, you are wrong, you told me we will talk about Akki’s marriage, you took Kunal there, does my wish matter. Ram says listen to me once. Priya says you are a rich man, you think everything is on sale, but I am not on sale, if your friend likes me, I will not be happy that a rich man chose me.

Ram says listen to me once, let me speak, I respect women, rich men don’t respect women, I will forgive you for mistaking me, I don’t think you need marriage, Relationships made out of necessity do not last long. She says you did wrong. He says I just wanted you two to meet, why you have this negativity. She says this is my anger, Akki says he will marry after my marriage, am I some charity case, who are you to decide my life. Ram shouts a lot, don’t know the reason for your bitterness, keep it in yourself, don’t give to others, I thought the loneliness of two people ends when they meet, I’m sorry, you made me angry today, someone got hurt. Priya says enough. She leaves with her sisters. Sara says you are right, Priya has bitterness for men, behind this is pain and cheating. She left.

Nandini says I know a person needs a partner. Meera says I know, I have also spent half life alone, but Priya will not understand, she has seen a lot in life, her father left us, it is difficult for her to trust anyone. Nandini says you are his mother, you explain to her, I will explain to Ram, well, you will not get a better option than this, it is for everyone’s good. Meera says I don’t think Priya’s wounds will be washed off so easily. Priya cries.

Maitri asks Sandy to bring raincoat for Priya’s fast. They go to Priya and make her wear a raincoat. Priya says I m fine, why will I cry, who is she to tell whatever. Sara says yes. Priya says we should go, taxi has arrived. Sandy says strange, you argued with Ram, but today you got drenched in rain for the first time. They leave for home. Mahendra comes to the club. He calls Shashi. On the call, Sid talks to Shashi. Sid asks what will I enjoy, Shivi leaves me for gym trainer. Shashi asks her to go out. He asks Vedika to go home, she has a small job. Vedika leaves. Shashi asks Mahendra to find out about Akki. Mahendra says Akshay, he is my ex wife’s nephew, I can find out everything about him. Shashi says he broke my brother’s alliance. Mahendra says don’t worry, I did all your work, I will handle it. Priya and sisters come home. Meera asks what is all this. Priya says Mahendra gave it when I went to talk about EMI. Meera says you went to talk to Ram, he is a nice man. Priya says that he is a clever deceitful man. Meera asks what happened. Sara says that there was an argument between Ram and Priya. Meera asks how. Sandy says Akki told me everything, I will find an idea to tell Priya. Meera asks him to make tea. Ram says what Priya thinks about herself, so much tension, what did I do wrong. Mami says I need to talk something small. Nandini says I have kept imported skincare kit for you. Mama goes. Akki says my final look is test, help me. Priya says sit. He tells the story. Sandy says Ram’s proposal came for you, Meera wanted to tell you. Priya gets shocked.

Akki asks what, they are saying that they rejected me. Priya asks did you get the audition canceled. Raj says yes. Shashi says I will ruin Akki’s life. Ram says I cannot do this marriage. Meera comes to meet Nandini. She accepts the alliance of Ram and Priya.

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Post Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s big argument first surfaced on telly updates.


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