Aapko Nazar Ne Jahchaan 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Episode starts with Namrata saying that Aatish is ready to divorce me, I don’t want the matter to go to court. Vipul and Dada ji says we will disturb her a lot. She says I don’t want any complications, stay away from her, she is a dangerous person. Nandini says this enough. She says you don’t think about that man, he can’t do anything, you don’t need to fear, he is right, Aatish should be punished, he can trap another girl and torture her. Maybe, he should be jailed, am I right. Rajiv says yes. Namrata says I just want my peace of mind. Rajvi says we are educated people, why are you afraid, we will support you, Aatish will go to jail. Namrata says if he lies that he did not torture you… Nandini says we will use your medical report. Humility is gone. Nandini thinks of telling the truth to Darsh. She thinks that I will not let any innocent man get this stain.

Parul comes to Rajiv. She says Vini doesn’t want Nandini to go even for two days, she wants Nandini, can Vini accept me as mother or not, I can’t take Vini and Nandini away. Rajvi asks her to take rest, Vini is a kid, we have to explain to her, you and Chetan will spoil Vini with love. She hugs Parul. Nandini says Darshan will be busy in meetings, we will be bored, Parul is planning party here. Vini says everyone will party here, we will be bored. Nandini says stay back and enjoy the party, I will go and come, we can plan Disneyland trip. Vinnie asks Promise. Nandini says promise. Vinny says you will not mind, that I am here. Nandini says you should stay back. Winnie runs. Darshan comes and asks if we are going on a journey at the end. Nandini says yes and hugs her. He sees humility.

Darshan says I had to talk to you. Namrata comes to him and asks will we watch a movie today. He says okay, whatever you like we will see. They go. Nandini says I think I have to tell truth to Darsh on the journey.

In the morning, Darshan and Nandini leave the house. He praises. He says you are saying filmy line. He says I am taking a beautiful girl on a date, we didn’t date, we got married soon, we missed dating, we will do everything that we missed, let’s go on a ride Huh. She says don’t make me wait again. He says I promise, you will not complain. She says I want to talk. They go. Parul decorates a room for Vini. everyone is happy. Chetan says Vini will come to you. Charmi feels that she has worked very hard for Vini, but Vini will stop Nandini from going to Darshan. Vini comes and hugs Parul. Parul thanks him for coming. Vini says I know these chocolates and toys are for me, thanks. Parul says this is all for you. They laugh. Charmi thinks Vini is useless, not knowing what Nandini told her.

Aatish gives the divorce papers. Namrata says you should have agreed already. He asks her to check the papers. He goes. She checks the papers and gets angry. She says you should not have done this, it must have been bothering you a lot. Darsh says I will explain roleplay to you, this is my college, I am stud, you are new beauty queen. Darsh and Nandini joke. The boys stare at him. He scolds the boys. He says I will bring Chinese noodles for you. They sit down. Nandini holds her hand and says I have to talk something. He says don’t propose me so soon, okay tell me, what is the matter. She says listen to it with a calm heart, Namrata… she gets a call from Namrata. He asks what…

Namrata cries. Charmi says Aatish will try to prove himself innocent, he will divorce. Dada ji says I will talk to lawyer. Nandini and Darsh come home. Darsh checks the papers. He says Aatish is lying your faults, he challenged the divorce petition, he will go to jail, it is good. Vipul asks how did you come from the journey so early. Charmi says sorry, I had called Darsh back, I know Nandini wanted to spend time with him, but what other than family problems. Namrata says I tried to keep my marriage, he is punishing me, why. She asks Nandini to see the truth about Aatish. Darsh says we all are here. Shobit says we have registered FIR, commissioner says he will handle this matter personally. Namrata asks what is needed. Rajvi asks what is your problem, Aatish should be punished, he will get to know the result of enmity against us. Nandini thinks of revealing Namrata’s truth. Namrata says Aatish is a coward, don’t know how he got courage. Charmi says don’t stress, you have medical report. Namrata says it is fake. Charmi says don’t worry, once Aatish gets arrested, he will lose his courage. Namrata says if I am caught then I will expose you. Charmi pushes him and scolds him. Namrata says sorry, don’t worry, I just want Nandini not to interfere in this.
Nandini says Aatish is innocent, Namrata is blaming him, don’t get angry, I am trying to find out the truth. Darshan says Namrata is my sister, how can I believe this.

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