The Kapil Sharma Show Behind The Scene: Comedian Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ A behind-the-scenes video related to (The Kapil Sharma Show) is becoming quite viral at the moment. This video has been shared by Archana Puran Singh on her Instagram account. It can be seen in the video that comedian Krushna Abhishek, who plays the character of Dharam Paaji in the show, is seen having fun with his co-stars. Comedian Bharti Singh is seen in the video who jokingly says that, ‘Krishna has a lot of complaints about the pay checks of her costars’.


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In the video, Krishna Abhishek, pointing to Bharti in a funny way, says, ‘Worked very hard today, got the entry done, dance and dance, they all take money’. After this, comedian Kiku Sharda comes on Krishna’s target, seeing whom Krishna Abhishek says that, ‘Bharti works very hard but Kiku Sharda only gets paid to show her moves. Hearing this from Krishna, Kiku first wants to say something to him and then suddenly hugs him in the middle. 

Meanwhile there is also entry of Archana Puran Singh in the video, on seeing which Krishna Abhishek says that dancing with Archana ji was the best moment of my life. Krushna Abhishek tells Archana, ‘Aaj toh dream girl hi laga hai’. Meanwhile, as soon as Archana Puran Singh comes in the frame, Krishna Masti jokingly tells her, ‘The best costume you have worn is at least 1700 rupees’. In the video you can see that Archana  Puran Singh is also seen laughing at this cheeky style of Krishna Abhishek.

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