Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Ananth and Gehana take the injured Professor Kumar to the hospital. The doctors took him to the OT for treatment. Seeing Gehna upset, Anant assures her that the professor will be fine. Gehna asks who were the people who tried to kidnap her and what are their intentions. The doctor comes out and tells that the professor’s condition is very critical due to anemia. Anant says that he will donate blood as his blood group is O+. The doctor agrees and informs after the transfusion that the professor is out of danger, has sustained injuries to his hand and head and may be discharged by evening. Anant and Gehana take the professor home after their vacation. Baa thanks her for saving Gehna’s life and Bapuji asks her to visit her frequently after Anant. The professor agrees with a smile and leaves. Anant gets a call from Sagar who says that he spared his wife today. He identifies Sagar and warns him that he will face dire consequences if he tries to harm his wife or family. Sagar reveals that this time he cannot defeat her as the hero is the villain this time and is supporting what Anant cannot imagine. Anant wonders who will be helping Sagar. Pankaj, Gehana and Paresh overhear his conversation.

Baa calls Gehna and tells that the committee members have arrived. Jewel serves them tea. They invite the family for Ganesh Utsav/festival. Tia asks what is special this time. The lady of the committee says that they will organize modak and other cooking competition. Radhika says that Jewel will win the cooking competition. Lady says they will distribute food to needy families who lost their loved ones during the pandemic. Jewel agrees to participate. Once the women leave, Pankaj and Paresh ask Gehna why she agreed to participate in the competition as Sagar’s threat is on her. The family gets upset hearing this. Jewel says that Ganesh ji will protect her and Sagar’s ward will be named evil. Krishna returns home limping. Gehna asks why is he limping. He says that he fell down while rehearsing his play.

Jewel and Anant go to the professor’s house. The professor welcomes him. Anant asks about his condition. The professor says he is feeling better, but the wounds will take time to heal; He asks why Gehna didn’t go to college today. Anant says that she will study from home as she is in danger outside. The professor says that studying law is difficult and studying from home is difficult. Jewel requests him to come to her house and teach her. Professor says it is not possible as he will not have much time. She requests that he somehow find her and she easily understood his lecture today. he agrees. She invites him for Ganesh Puja at her house tonight.

The Desai family along with the members of the committee bring the idol of Ganesh ji to the pandal/tent. Sagar enters with musicians playing drums with color on their faces. The Desai family does not recognize him at all and gets busy in worship. Sagar goes to Kanak and says that he is back. Kanak follows her and meets her. Radhika follows him and seeing Sagar asks why he came here as Desai family can recognize him. Kanak says that Sagar is his puppet and when she cannot recognize Sagar, how will anyone recognize her. Radhika says someone might have sharper eyesight than her and scolds Sagar. Sagar decides to punish the entire Desai family in one go. She asks if he will drown them with Ganesh ji. Sagar with a bad laugh says more than him, he will assassinate their character and they will not be able to show their face in full form. They return to worship. Sagar puts a chit in Anant’s pocket and leaves easily. Anant felt that someone was behind him. Jewel shows him the chit. He reads it.

Precap: Anant reads Sagar’s note that every year Ganpati Bappa comes, but it is the last festival of Anant’s family. He sees the colors on the paper and realizes that the drummer was Sagar.

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