Ghoom Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Bhavani tells Virat that the whole family will be happy to see the pair of Jiva and Shiva breaking the dahi handi during Janmashtami celebrations tonight. Virat says that nothing is more important to him than his duty. Samrat, remembering Virat as a child, asked him to stay with his mother in Pune and reminded him that he is still doing the same thing. Pakhi feels that Virat is trying to escape from the situation and is unable to see her and Samrat together like he could see her and Samrat dancing during the sangeet ceremony. Virat says that his transfer is confirmed and he will have to leave. Sai thinks that she will not let him go away from her family. Pakhi says everyone used to think that she is the reason for the rift of Sai and Virat, now they should live happily in this house as he asked the emperor to take her to Mahabaleshwar. Virat says that he is not the cause of rift between him and his wife, he needs to visit the police station and hand over his duty to the next in-charge officer, and he walks towards the door. Ashwini and Mohit ask Sai to stop her husband from leaving. Sai reminds Virat of his rude behavior and leaves for college.

Concerned for Virat, Ashwini tells Ninad that Virat is in pain and she can understand it as a mother, he wants to punish himself and get away from Sai. Ninad says that Samrat said that Virat is going away because of him. Ashwini says whatever the reason, her son is in pain and is moving away from the family. Ninad says they cannot cancel the official order. Ashwini says that she needs to stop Virat somehow and prays for both Samrat and Viraat, praying to God that Sai help in stopping Virat somehow. Ninad says that he can understand their concern, but even Sai cannot cancel the official orders.

Sai goes to DIG’s office and requests him to cancel Virat’s transfer somehow. The DIG says that Virat himself applied for transfer and if Virat fought with him and took the transfer, it was approved. Sai says Virat should stay here and take care of family. DIG says orders are from above and he can’t help. Sai pleads to do something as Virat is mentally and physically unwell after the recent events. The DIG says that he needs to place the transfer order of Virat as he cannot risk the life of his skilled officer, but Virat must have completed his handover formalities by now. Sai says that she considered him as her father and hence came to discuss her problem with him. The DIG has agreed to keep the transfer order for a few days. Sai thanks him and requests him not to inform Virat about it as he will get angry on him and make him Late Mrs. Virat Sai Chavan. The DIG laughs and asks if Virat is so angry. She says that once she reached the hospital to check Virat’s BP because his BP is always high. DIG laughs more. Virat walks while talking on the phone. Sai hides. Virat gave the file to the DIG for signature, the DIG panicked and called him for lunch. Virat asks if he is fine, he has lunch. The DIG insisted and asked him to wait outside. Virat saw Sai’s bag and asked questions. The DIG says that it is his daughter’s bag. Virat left. Sai comes out hiding and thanks the DIG. The DIG often tells him not to fight with Virat as the policemen are already tense all day and expect peace in the house. Sai says she knows that her aba was also a police office and says in a childish tone that Virat fights her. DIG laughs and says that she is like his daughter who speaks her mind openly and someday invites her and Virat for dinner. Sai thanks him and leaves.

Mohit along with Samar decorates the house for Janmashtami celebration and says that it will be wonderful to see Virat and Samrat breaking the Dahi Handi. Samrat asks her to break the Dahi Handi this time. Mohit asks is it because Virat will not be present tomorrow. Samrat says that Virat used to break the handi on his shoulder, but now things have changed. Ashwini comes in and requests him to forgive Virat for hiding things from her and give him a chance like he had given Paakhi. Samrat says that Virat himself does not want to talk, so how will he give him a chance. Virat returns and asks if he will not go tonight as he cannot. Samrat asks what does he mean. Virat says even he doesn’t know and needs to find out.

Precap: Bhavani says that she will gift a pearl necklace to a daughter-in-law which first shows Bal Gopal’s face. Ashwini says Sai showed it first. She then clashes with Sai. If she has no feelings for Virat, why is she objecting to his transfer. Virat overhears their conversation.

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Post Ghoom Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai’s request for Virat’s boss first appeared on telly update.


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