Bigg Boss OTT: Bigg Boss OTT is attracting the attention of the audience these days. Drama, entertainment and fierce fights between the contestants are also being seen in the show. In the last weekend episode, the show Candy team participated in which they played a game with all the contestants. In this game, all the participants had to name different types of candy to their co-participant. When Nishant Bhat’s turn came, he was asked to give the tag of arrogant candy to someone, for which he chose the name of Shamita Shetty. Nishant’s argument was that Shamita treats her connection Rakesh Bapat like a boss.



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When Nishant gave this tag to Shamita, he got angry. She tells Rakesh that you are silent when your friend is making allegations. After this, Shamita angrily tells Nishant that she knows very well what she is and does not need anyone’s validation. Nishant says that no one has the courage to speak this truth in front of her but she is not afraid of them And he said what he thought was true. Shamita quarrels with Nishant more on this matter and then Rakesh also loses his cool and advises Nishant to keep quiet. Along with this, he also advises Shamita to keep quiet.

Let us tell you that Shamita and Rakesh are making headlines these days due to their bonding in the show. Both seem to be on each other and their romance seems to be enthralling the fans. 

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Shamita Shetty has started liking her connection Raqesh Bapat in Bigg Boss OTT, only one thing is confused about it


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