It is shown in the episode that Priya is standing at the windows,

She was looking outside the house, where she entered a new phase of her life. Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor….perhaps the new position she has got. But she was still dear to him. As he closed his eyes, a drop of rain took him away from his thoughts. He hurriedly closed the windows. Ram was working there on his laptop. He turned to her, “All right?” asked Ram. “That… hmm.” She was lost somewhere, so she tried to move, but Rama grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Ram: Don’t you like rain? Priya: What…. She turned it around and stood behind him, with the windows open, Priya was just stunned what she was going to do. Rama held her hand on his own, and carried her forward in the rain, “Can you feel your hand wet”?, Rama asked. “Absolutely… I” Ram: “Means you are living. Living man… Then why don’t you feel all this?” Saying this he went to get a phone, she remained there, his words echoing in his mind. Still he closed the windows. “I’m living but I can’t feel it.” Ram came back and stared at his widows locked in his laptop. Precap: Reception Party.

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