Ghar Ek Mandir 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Varun says I should not have listened to Nisha, I was about to do so bad with marigold and she is my wife now and will never listen to Nisha and I will support marigold. Varun walks into his room, the marigold turns to sit on the bed, Varun sits down, the marigold walks up to him and leans towards him, she chooses a gift on his side table and gives it, Varun says this Marigold says I made it for you, Varun opens it and sees his painting on top of a hunky, Marigold says this is the same hunky you gave me, Varun remembers giving him the hanky, says Marigold Is that you were angry when you gave, I am returning from love, Varun says it is very beautiful but I did not get you anything, marigold says you did, your smile. Varun smiles and asks her to sit beside him, Varun says Marigold you are new here, I will help you settle down, Marigold says I will always need your support and with this I will settle down easily, Varun says all is good but only one hand away is Nisha Bhabhi.

Nisha thinks how she was warned by Kundan, and thinks I will take revenge on Marigold for this insult.
Marigold says Varun but Nisha bhabhi is too good for me, Varun says just try to understand, Varun says he is always rude to me, marigold says it is because you are his brother-in-law and I am his sister , she will definitely be good for me . Varun dunked the hanky, both bent down to pick it up and touched each other’s hands. Varun starts having seizures, his hand starts trembling, Varun thinks he can’t tell Marigold about it, Marigold chooses hunky, Marigold looks at Varun and asks if he is fine, says Varun Yes, just go to sleep very tired, marigold is right. Varun slowly wakes up and goes to the other side of the bed thinking he is not aware of this and lays down. Marigold checks on Varun. Varun switches the light. The marigold thanks God for Varun.

Manish walks to her room, and asks Nisha why she is not sleeping and did she eat food, Nisha says my stomach was full of papaji’s insults, Manish says I know you are upset but Papa is right on her side, Nisha says whole day I am behind everyone here, I do a lot for this family, and got so much in my marriage but never misbehaved and papa gave marigold to moon.

Kundan says Anuradha now you have two daughter-in-law, you have managed Nisha well and now you have a test with two of them, Anuradha says, Kundan says like me and Gopal got separated, I am not Wish Varun and Manish separate and only you can make it in here and I out.
Manish says Nisha I understand but you are elder daughter-in-law, so understand your responsibility, and tomorrow we have muhdikhai.
Kundan says that Anuradha Ammaji is coming and she only eats sattvik food, and this is Marigold’s first kitchen.
Manish says Nisha you know Ammaji is very strict, she never goes to anyone’s house but when she comes you take her blessings and make sure everything is fine.
Anuradha tells Kundan don’t worry I will take care of marigold, it is my responsibility now.
Nisha thinks tomorrow day will be remembered by all and tomorrow marigold you will see what I do with you.

Nisha in kitchen, Anuradha goes to him and asks Nisha what is she doing here, Nisha says just helping marigold, Kundan says I was trying to explain same god yesterday, Anuradha Says very nice, Kundan says I will leave but remember garlic and onion away, as long as Ammaji is here it should not come in the picture, Anuradha says don’t worry I told Nisha to keep them away yesterday.
Marigold gets ready, she sees Varun sleeping, Marigold opens her bag, she feels stretch in her saree and thinks she is Varun and blushes, and sees her Shivam and she says That uncle is sleeping, Shivam asks what are you doing, Marigold says I am just establishing Maharaji’s education, Shivam asks who is Maharaji, Marigold says come Agrasen Maharaj, I will tell you about his teachings. I will tell, first education Lakshmi does not stay in one place always respect her, Shivam says come I will show you the whole house and insists to her.

Anuradha says Nisha you manage here, I will call marigold and make sure everything goes well, and everyone should remember this, Nisha thinks marigold will definitely happen. Nisha takes out onion and garlic.

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