Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Vibhu drinks and dances in his house. Love less music stops. Vibhu says I am celebrating because Anu is out after so long so thought of enjoying for few days and I will flirt with bhabhi too. Prem says if I tell you, you have chance to earn money then what will you do. Vibhu says I will earn some money. Prem says let’s go to Blue Diamond Club and play casino. Vibhu says that place is for rich people what we will do there. Prem says there is no need to worry I am here with you. Vibhu says last time I had scene with security so I will not go. Prem says don’t worry I have an idea, you have to disguise as my girlfriend and come with me. Vibhu says are you mad and you cannot stand me. Prem says you look very beautiful in the guise of women. Vibhu says what is the plan. Prem says I will play and you will get 50% from my win but it is dangerous. Vibhu says if you are giving me 50% then I am ready to take risk.

Tiwari reads the news, reads that a wife poisoned her husband because he used to flirt with the neighbor’s wife. Tiwari calls Angoori and asks her to cook Mooli Paratha. Angoori makes fun of him and asks Tiwari to read his horoscope. Tiwari reads as sadness on the difficulty week, said- I do not believe it. Angoori says but I do, what does your horoscope read. Tiwari says this week will be bad and there will be loss of money, says I do not believe that actually I think I will get money. Angoori says yes, you have got 50 lakh order from Gupta. Tiwari says yes I have completed ordering and waiting for payment he will come and bring me cash. The doorbell rings and Angoori goes to open the door, Gupta is shocked by the doorbell. Gupta congratulates him. Tiwari welcomes Gupta and asks for money. Gupta started crying. Tiwari asks what happens keep calm and tell me. Gupta says I had given you 50 lakh order, so parent company was fraud and they ran away in one night. Tiwari gets shocked and says what do I know I will come on road. Gupta says that if you have created a hiding place to protect yourself from the borrower, then you should also make one. Tiwari shouts at him and says I want my money somehow. Gupta says I will pay you from my account but my wife caught me with her secretary and hence I have no money left. Tiwari says then who will pay me. Gupta says God knows and leaves.
Tiwari has suffered a heart attack. Angoori gets nervous and rushes to pick someone up.

Prem is waiting for Vibhu. Vibhu comes in the guise of women. Prem says you are looking hot. Vibhu says from inside I am still me. Prem says I was kidding Yoi took so long to become woman, let’s say gambling should happen now. Angoori comes running and asks where are Anu and Vibhuti. Vibhu says Anu is not in town, I am her friend Angelina. Angoori says okay whatever problem my husband is facing, I need help or else I will die. Vibhu says no Bhabhiji I get very emotional I know a doctor I will bring her.

Gupta was talking to his wife on the phone in the market. Saxena joins him and breaks his phone. Gupta gets angry and says my wife left me and went to in-laws house I was trying to convince her. Saxena says if your wife has left you then go after her, beg her why take help of mobile. Gupta says your crap is increasing day by day and yells at him. TMT comes and asks Malkhan Gupta why are you shouting. Gupta says Saxena is teasing me. Masterji says why are you teasing Gupta. Saxena says no, actually I can show you practicality what I did with her. Masterji says okay. Saxena says you all give me your phone and throw it one by one. Teeka Gupta shouts at Syas why didn’t you tell us that he broke your phone. Gupta says now I am a little happy. Malkhan says this doctor is a bad person. Saxena starts shouting at everyone and says shame our generation will go crazy because of this phone, you get pain in your ear and all this in body shuts down because of phone or everything will end .
Prem and Angelina come and Prem asks Gupta to come to Tiwari’s house as he is not feeling well. Gupta says ok I will come and ask Prem who is he. Prem says my friend yoi come and sit fast. Gupta leaves with them and TMT says how lucky Gupta is.

Manohar On Call Commissioner walks from behind. Manohar won by discussing his yoke and cow. The commissioner listens and says you have cheated him. Manohar disconnects the phone and congratulates the commissioner and asks how did you come to know. The commissioner says because it was me. Anu comes to the police station and tells the commissioner that what is going on in your city, small children are getting addicted to gambling. Commissioner says tell me who is doing this I will send him to jail. Anu says nothing will happen if you say, you have to step out and take some action. Commissioner says do you have any clue against this. Anu says yes, some of my students are gambling in hotel blue diamond from grooming class, please go and do something. Commissioner says I will close this club and asks Manohar to get ready, we will close that hotel.

Prem, Angelina and Gupta come to Tiwari’s house. Prem says will you come down now. Angelina tells Gupta whether you are over or not. Everyone gets down and Vibhu starts shouting at him that what were you doing while pinching me I am not a woman I am Vibhuti. Prem what are you looking for and take care of Tiwari and go inside.
Gupta examines Tiwari and asks are you angry. Tiwari says think yes then burn everything. Gupta asks Angoori if there is any loss in business. Angoori says that yes he has suffered a loss of 25 lakhs in business. Gupta is shocked and says that thank God he did not attempt suicide. Angoori says are you giving her the idea. Gupta says no, I am not giving idea, but if someone does business with H then he will come to suicide stage. Angelina says you are the right doctor. Tiwari asks did you say anything lady. Angelina says yes doctor is right you are beautiful then someone will die seeing you. Tiwari asks who are you. She says I am Angelina….. Angoori says she is not fine and you are talking. Gupta tells Angoori that Tiwari needs some alone time. Prem says let Angelina go. Tiwari says travel. Angelina says that I do not meet losers. Gupta asked for ginger tea. Gupta asks how are you feeling because one of my customer also had problem, he died but he had insured himself for 2 crores, you can be insured too. Tiwari says thanks doctor.

Love gambling with Jagga. Jagga says you should get money as I don’t play with beggars. Prem says you don’t know me still my name is Prem and I always vacate the club and ask him to start. Angelina walks in. Jagga looks at her and doesn’t make eye contact with her and says I am seeing her for the first time. Prem says he is from Nepal and why are you asking so much about him do you want to get married, let the game begin. Angelina starts singing and dancing with Jagga and Prem. As soon as the commissioner arrives, everyone runs away with folded hands except Angelina. Manohar stops her and says sorry to the commissioner and starts molesting her. Commissioner says shut up and stay away I am well versed like you. Angelina says if you were there you would be dancing around me. Manohar says if you don’t have any objection then can I arrest him. The commissioner says you are not a woman. Manohar says please sir let me arrest him. Commissioner says instead I will suspend Sheela and call.


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Post Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Vibhu as Angelina appeared for the first time on Telly Updates.


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