Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

To destroy the GPS, Vasu sells his bangles and waits for the auto. Rudra, disguised as a biker, snatches his purse and runs away fast. He thinks that he cannot allow Appa to grant bail for the sake of summary. Vasu appealed to the public for help. Preesha calls her and asks where is she and why is she not picking up the call. Vasu says that he sold his jewelry to destroy the GPS and that money was stolen. Preesha says Armaan will take out the GPS. Vasu says that she didn’t want to take Armaan’s help after hearing Chachaji’s conversation. Armaan says uncle is elder and worried, they are going to take out GPS. Chachaji apologizes to Preesha for hurting her mother.

Sania meets Ahana at a restaurant and tells her that Rudra has kept his promise and sent Preesha’s old father to jail and harassed the old mother, so Ahana must give Rudra the next clue of the summary. Ahana says that Rudra will cross them again. She says that he tricked the GPS with the help of Hooker and sends him to jail, if they need Rudra’s trust, they need to give him clues. Ahana is right. Sania tells about her next plan.

Preesha along with Armaan reaches the police station to bail out the GPS. Vasu hugs Preesha and cries. Armaan asks GPS what really happened. Recalling Rudra’s request, the GPS thinks that he cannot risk Saransh’s life and falls silent. Preesha asks Armaan to get Appa out as soon as possible. Sharda says there is no need for it as they have taken out the GPS. Vasu thanks him. Preesha asks how did she come to know that Appa is in jail. Sharda remembers that Rudra was giving her money and asking her to give bail to Appa. She asks if she is worried for GPS as he is Preesha’s father and he loves her very much, she will inform Presha that she has switched GPS out. Rudra asks Preesha not to inform otherwise she will see his dead face. In flashbacks, she says that her friend who lives in the GPS building informed her. Preesha asks not to lie as Rudra sent her to bail out Appa and tells GPS that Rudra loves her very much and hence kicks her out, she wants to meet Rudra now. Sharda says she is not at home. Preesha protests. Armaan takes the GPS home.

Preesha reaches Rudra’s house with Vasu and Sharda and calls him. Sharda says she told that she is not at home. Preesha asks what is she hiding. Sania enters and says that Rudra does not love Preesha or else he would not lie. Preesha asks what is the lie. Sania says that Rudra made his Appa drink alcohol and sent him with a prostitute. Preesha shouts that she is trapping Rudra. Sania showed the bar video of Rudra and GPS. Preesha gets shocked seeing this. Sania asks if they still can’t trust him; He did a small prank in the mall, but Rudra committed the sin. She shows Rudra’s bike and helmet. Preesha ruthlessly asks why is she showing the bike. Vasu identifies the bike and says that Rudra stole his money. Sania says that Preesha’s mother is more intelligent than her. Sharda thinks that Sania is trapping Rudra, Rudra gives her money to bail out the GPS if he stole Vasu’s money.

Rudra returned home. Preesha asks what is he doing. Vasu asks Rudra why he stole his money. Preesha asks if he stole the money and sends Sharda to retrieve the GPS with the same money. Sania thinks that Rudra will know what happens when someone betrays him and reminds him to expose him in front of Preesha and her family as punishment. She shows the pen drive to Rudra. Preesha asks Rudra to speak. Rudra yells that he told her 1000 times that he doesn’t love her and that he should leave her, so he did this to prove that he doesn’t care about her and her parents. Preesha asks if he killed her Appa and fell so low. Rudra says he had to stop bothering her, his father was insisting to accept him, so he taught his father a lesson, he loves Sania now. Preesha slaps him and says that she deserves his hatred, she knew he could give her pain, but why did he harm her parents. Vasu says that he supported her, but he harmed her; She will break ties with her family.

Precap: Sharda asks Rudra if Sania forced him to commit the crime. Rudra says that once he finds Saransh, he will tell everything to Preesha.
Vasu asks Preesha if she needs Rudra’s betrayal and Armaan’s love. Preesha proposes to Armaan to marry her.

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