In the previous episode, Mitali and Alia laugh at Tanu after learning about her plans related to the money. Daljeet convinces Pallavi to hand over the house keys to Prachi to make arrangements for ‘Janmashtami’. However, Rhea spreads ghee on the floor and Pallavi gets injured because of it. Ranbeer and Pallavi get angry with Prachi, who apologises to them for it. After they all leave, Rhea pretends to be nice to Prachi and tries to turn her against Ranbeer. After Prachi goes to her room, Rhea tries to turn Ranbeer against Prachi. She lies to Ranbeer that Prachi holds Pallavi responsible for her injuries. Ranbeer gets upset after this and decides to talk to Prachi immediately. Rhea feels great to see this and she follows him to Prachi’s room. Gaurav arrives at Pragya’s house and misbehaves with Sushma, who calls Abhi to give him a befitting reply. He feels perplexed and asks Abhi whether he is Pragya’s bodyguard or her husband. Abhi replies that he has seven avatars based on the seven vows of his marriage with Pragya. He reminds him of the day he had beaten him in the office as a bodyguard. Sushma assumes that Abhi is just pretending to be an upset husband, but Pragya feels that he is speaking out his mind. Abhi gets Gaurav to search his pictures with Pragya on the internet. Sushma and Pragya thank Abhi for defending Pragya against Gaurav. However, Pragya feels hurt when Abhi says that she has already paid him for all the things he did for her. Sushma packs a suitcase to go out for an important meeting. Before leaving, she asks Pragya to trust Abhi only after she is sure that he is worth it. Ranbeer asks Prachi to call Pragya, who tells Prachi that Abhi is being difficult.

In the latest episode, Rhea comes up with a few lies to turn Ranbeer against Prachi. She waits to see Ranbeer scold Prachi when he goes to his room to talk to the latter. Much to Rhea’s shock, Ranbeer begins to explain why he got angry with Prachi and then goes to his knees to apologise to her. Rhea gets upset with Ranbeer and Prachi’s reconciliation and decides to do something big against her. Later, Pallavi hands over the keys to Prachi and tells her that she has high expectations from her. Prachi understands that Pallavi has no room for her faults and prepares herself to meet Pallavi’s expectations. Teji learns about it and decides to instigate Rhea against Prachi. She tells Rhea that she feels like Pallavi has snatched her rights and given it to Prachi.

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