In the latest episode of Gattimela, Amulya and Vedath have a romantic conversation over the call. When Amulya comes across as cheerful, Vedath asks her the reason behind the same. She tells him to guess the reason for the same as everyone is well aware of it. But Vedath states that he wishes to hear it from her as that will make him happy. Amulya reminds Vedath that only a few days are left for their wedding, which is the reason behind her happiness. Hearing this Vedant also feels delighted.

Elsewhere, while going through an old file, Vikrant comes across a photograph, picturing Suhasini, a young Vedanth and woman whose face has been blacked out. Seeing that photograph, Vikrant starts suspecting that Suhasini is not Vedanth’s birth mother and wonders about the secrets hidden in his family’s past.

If Suhasini is not Vedath’s mother, then who is his real birth mother? What are the secrets hidden in Vedath’s family’s past, that Suhasini till date tries to keep concealed?

In the previous episode, we saw Adya and Amulya urge Vedath to give Kishan a chance and to change his outlook towards him. Vedath rebukes them for easily believing Kishan and later reluctantly agrees to keep calm in Kishan’s presence.

Aarati meets a priest who confirms her worries about Amulya bringing bad luck to their family after her wedding with Vedath. Elsewhere, Adithi gets emotional about Amulya’s upcoming wedding and talks about how she will miss her once she moves out of their childhood home.

We also saw Dhruva sneak into Suhasini’s room and steal the money she keeps hidden. He vows to take back every penny that Suhasini stole from Vedanth’s company and to take revenge on her for getting Vedanth to oust him from the house. Suhasini returns to her room and gets worried when she notices the missing money. She starts fretting about accumulating money to meet Kishan’s demands and stop him from revealing her misdeeds to Vedath.

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