When Sidharth Shukla’s mom told him to stop wearing shorts all the time and put on a pair of jeans – Deets Inside (Photo Credits: Instagram/RealSiddharthShukla)

The entire nation is in shock due to the untimely demise of Siddharth Shukla. The Bigg Boss 13 winner passed away earlier today due to cardiac arrest and his fans across the world are mourning the loss of the star. Today, we bring you a glimpse of the time when he gave the first advice that his mother gave after winning BB13 and coming out of the house. Scroll down to read more.

Sid was really close to his mother and would often talk about her affectionately.

In a conversation with Humans of Bombay, Sidharth Shukla opened up about how his mother single-handedly raised him as a superwoman after the loss of his father. The Bigg Boss 13 winner said, “People know me as someone who has a rough exterior. But I will always melt for my mother. She has been the most important person in my life since the time I was born. I was the youngest of 3 kids and too young to play with my sisters, so I was always around mom. Back when I was a kid, I’d cry if I had to go a second without her – making loaves Even at times, she would hold me in one hand and the roller in the other! As I grew older, she became my best friend! Whenever I came back home after playing, we would talk about everything – While the other kids were hiding things from their parents, I wanted to tell him all about my life! He’s taught me a lot too – I was a naughty kid who got away with trouble. But When mom told me to always be honest, I immediately faced my mistakes.”


Sidharth Shukla continued and said, “When dad passed away 15 years ago, it felt like the umbrella was snatched from us. But my mom was our rock – she never showed any sign of vulnerability. Despite bad finances, she ran the house, took care of 3 kids and met all our demands! I know now that we must have had to sacrifice so much to give us what we wanted.”

The Bigg Boss 13 winner concluded by giving the advice his mother gave him after coming out of the house and said, “Every time she tells me she is proud of me, I am the happiest man on earth. because I smile on her face; a woman who is everything to me. Even today, she is my anchor and never fails to give me her daily dose of advice- when I finally saw her for 3 long days. After months on set, the first thing he told me was to stop wearing shorts all the time and put on a pair of jeans!”


May your soul rest in peace, Siddharth Shukla.

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