In the previous episode of Sathya, Sadashivam is shocked when the engineer slaps him. Sathya threatens the engineer and tells him to give a proper presentation. The engineer is in a fix as the officers speak about the bomb. The officers praise Sathya and the engineer for the presentation. Sathya informs the family about Sadashivam’s deceit and argues with him. Sathya takes a decision when she spots Ramalingam.

In the next episode of Sathya, Makkan and Panamandai are astonished and stop Sathya when she decides to attend the quotation meeting with Ramalingam.

Sathya and her friends visit Ramalingam. She refuses when her friends ask her to change her decision. Ramalingam is happy when Sathya introduces herself as Vadivel’s daughter and recalls the past. Ramalingam shares his sorrows with Sathya when she pities his condition. She requests him to stop drinking. Sathya apprises Ramalingam about everything and seeks his help to bag the tender. Sathya promises to support Ramalinga if he helps her. Ramalingam decides to test Sathya and puts forth a difficult task. To Ramalingam’s surprised, Sathya succeeds in performing the task. Ramalingam decides to help Sathya.

Sathya informs Prabhu about everything as he panics upon seeing the bruise on her hand. Sathya refuses when Prabhu tells her to back out of the challenge. Prabhu is speechless when Sathya tells him of winning the challenge and asks him to meet Ramalingam.

The next day, Prabhu and Sathya visit Ramalingam. Sathya is shocked and scolds Makkan and Panamandai when Ramalingam gets drunk and fails to get up. Sathya reassures Prabhu when he shares his apprehensions about Ramalinga. Makkan and Panamandai do everything possible to make an inebriated Ramalingam sober. Further, they dress Ramalingam for the quotation meeting. Ramalingam argues with the engineer for quoting a higher amount for the construction of the building. Sathya tells Makkan to take care of Rajalingam.

Sathya informs the officers, who scold her for bringing a mason for the quotation meeting instead of the engineer. Sathya to prove Ramalingam’s talent requests the officers to visit a nearby construction site. The officers are surprised when a talented Ramalingam accurately finds faults in the construction and shares his opinions about the construction. The officers, happy with Ramalingam’s work experience, offer the tender to Sathya. Ramalingam thanks Sathya for encouraging him.


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