Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3 September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Digihunt

Angoori is making her bed in her bedroom and calls Ammaji and greets her. Ammaji asks how are you doing. Angoori says I am ashamed to tell you. Ammaji says why are you ashamed I am more like your friend than your Ammaji. Angoori says you know I am ashamed for only one thing, everything is not going smoothly, Tiwary cannot bat properly, he gets out early. Ammaji says she is your partner, you should take care. Angoori says she should also help me but Tiwari does not give any support to run. Ammaji gets shocked and says you are hitting boundary. Angoori says yes but till I will do everything alone, yesterday he was so tense that he hit the wicket that too for zero. Ammaji says don’t worry I will do something. Tiwari lists everything from outside and says I am ashamed.

TMT and Vibhuti are drinking tea sitting near the tea stall. Vibhu says this love never comes on time. Teeka sees Prem coming and shouts that he is here. Malkhan asks Prem which job are you giving. Prem says that our company has invented new medicine and many more. Vibhu says to Prem that at least you should know what he has added in medicine so that we can tell what he has added in int and we can sell. TMT says you are right Vibhu. Vibhu says I am ready to sit unemployed but will not play with health there. Prem says I am not playing with anyone’s health if you want you can take that medicine and go for test if you find any unwanted element then you can reject it. TMT and Vibhuti start discussing this. Prem says listen if you want to work with me then you can or go, this medicine of mine will be superhit, and Vibhuti yesterday you were begging me to give me job and now you are in dilima, have you Told my wife about the job or else she would start running after me. Vibhu says with love that now you have said something to create doubt when you are true then why will my wife kill you. Prem says if I give you job then your wife thinks I am making you bad but you are already bad person. Everyone laughs. Vibhu says I will explain here and tell that I am selling love enhancer capsule and I will not roam at night and will come back home by evening, my wife is happy and bhabhiji is happy. TMT and everyone looks confused. Vibhu says I mean your sister-in-law Anita. Vibhu says tell me how much will you pay. Prem says 10,000. TMT gets happy. Prem says you are not very happy, I will pay 3000 only. TMT gets shocked and Tika says what do you mean what is the difference between him and us. Vibhu says I am topper from Chhapra University this 10000 is peanut for me and says with love that I will not work in 10000. Prem says ok take 25000. Tika says with love, give us three 10000 each. Prem tells you guys that I will give only 3000 to each if you want to do yo, do it or else 500 in 500 many people are ready to do.

Anu reads the newspaper and calls Vibhuti for coffee. Vibhu comes and says from now on you have to make your own coffee as I have got job. Anu gets shocked and says did you say you got the job. Vibhu says yes. Anu says I think your job enthusiasm will go out the window by evening. Vibhu says why do you say this every time. Anu says I am not saying this my experience. Vibhu says I like this job and it is sales job. Anu makes fun of her job. Vibhu says if I ever did my work with you then why do you joke. Anu says how can you make fun of my job, I had only one job since many years I am working continuously and increasing my business. Vibhu says you have efforts and always praises you but this time I want you to make me happy. Anu says ok let me try so what are you selling. Vibhu says I am selling power enhance capsule of Prem company. Anu asks what kind of power is there. Vibhu says its love enlarges the capsule. Anu laughs at Vibhu and makes fun of him. Vibhu says this is wrong it is a multinational company and can open branches everywhere. Anu says it is very good but you will not sell this medicine. Vibhu says why. Anu says have you given it a thought, what will my students think when they come to know that my husband is selling love enhancer capsules. Vibhu says nothing to worry we will contact your male students and give them 20% discount, you know 70% people all over the world take these medicines. Anu says do you ever need this pills. Vibhu Sharma goes and says no and leaves.

Sitting outside in the garden, Tiwari was talking to himself about his situation. Vibhu comes and starts shouting poetry about his medicine. Tiwari says what are you saying go from here. Vibhu says this is of your benefit. Tiwari asked what. Vibhu says that our company has introduced Prem Capsule and added love and happiness in your life. Tiwari says go away from here I am already getting happiness and happiness in my life. Vibhu makes fun of her. Tiwari shouts at him and says go from here. Vibhu says I was talking for tour benefit but forget it. Tiwari says to himself that I want these pills but he will tell about this all over Kanpur, I have an idea and says to Vibhu that listen my friend also has the same problem if you can give pills for him then it is very will be good. Vibhu says I have come here to sell so it will cost 3000 per pill, so he is your friend so will be able to spend 6000, anyway I will leave. Tiwari says wait give it to me.

TMT is advertising the pill sitting in the market. A man comes covered in a blanket and asks them if this tablet has any side effects. Tillu says no side effect, one pill just Rs 3000. Man says 3000 is so expensive. Tika says don’t worry it will work. Malkhan says that if you take one pill you will get 60 horsepower. Man says I want two pills, give them money and go. Malkhan asks both who was this native Englishman. Teeka imitates Masterji and TMT starts laughing.

Tiwari was taking a pill in his bedroom and was talking about how Vibhuti was prescribing the medicine. Angoori comes and Tiwari gets romantic with her. Angoori says you are looking excited today. Tiwari says I am always excited. Angoori says yes I remember what happened to you three days back. Tiwari says don’t worry you just come in my arms, read poetry and they both start dancing and singing. Amidst the romance, Tiwari gets a side effect and says wait now I can’t. Angoori cried in anger

Tiwari, Master in the police station. TMT, Prem and Vibhuti in jail. Tiwari tells Manohar how the side effect of the medicine is bothering him. Vibhu tells Tiwari that it is not our fault. Tiwari starts shouting at Vibhu and faints at Manohar. Manohar says if you are weak then why are you shouting. Tiwari says sorry. Masterji tells Manohar that these boys sold me the medicine. Teeka says we were selling medicine on the road. Tillu says you have come to us with a blanket. Masterji faints on Tiwari. Tiwari says be steady and gets a call from Gupta, asking him about his report. Gupta says yes I got your report and it says all your organs are 99.9%. Tiwari thanks Gupta and disconnects the phone, Tiwari tells Manohar to do whatever you want with him and Master and Tiwari leave.
Vibhu calls Manohar rudely. Manohar says sorry, I have already registered a case against you for section 420, if you want I can file more case against you. The commissioner comes and everyone congratulates him. Commissioner sees Vibhuti in jail and says you are here, who put you in jail. Vibhu points towards Manohar. Manohar says they are fraudsters. They sell medicine. Commissioner says praise of Prem capsule and pill, Commissioner says leave or else I will suspend you. Manohar abandons him and TMT, Prem. Tiwari says thank you to the commissioner. Commissioner says I am thankful to you, your medicine worked very well.


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