Taapsee Pannu Fitness Secret: Whenever it comes to the fitness of a Bollywood actress, Taapsee Pannu’s name is definitely taken. As much as Taapsee Pannu focuses on her acting, she also works hard on her fitness. Perhaps this is the reason why Taapsee Pannu easily does action and stunts scenes in her films. But getting a fit body is not so easy and Taapsee Pannu also works hard for it.

Plays Squash – While people often sweat in the gym to get a fit body, Taapsee Pannu plays squash for her fitness. According to media reports, Taapsee plays squash for half an hour every day.

Does Yoga – Apart from squash, Taapsee regularly includes yoga in her fitness routine.

Taapsee Pannu Diet: According to media reports, Taapsee starts her day with a liter of lukewarm water. After this she drinks green tea or celery juice.

Does not diet- Taapsee Pannu does not believe in any kind of dieting, but does eat gluten and lactose free food. You will be surprised to know that Taapsee eats everything like rice, roti and bread.

Loves almond milk- Taapsee loves to drink almond milk. Apart from this, Taapsee drinks a lot of water to keep herself hydrated throughout the day. Along with this, Taapsee definitely includes nuts, coconut water and fresh fruits in her diet.

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